Route 28 widening PennDOT community meeting

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this is marginally bike related, in such that they’re going to be re-doing all the ramps to route 28 from freeport road while not touching the HPB itself.  So the sidewalk across the bridge will be kept, and I assume that the approach (the big spiral) from Freeport will remain the same.

The biggest issue is getting real curb cuts put in on Freeport where it crosses the onramps to 28.  Right now the curbs are at least a foot taller than Freeport Road, with no curbcuts.  I’ll be at the meeting pushing for making the whole area bike/peds/wheelchair friendly.

Here is the information below from an aspinwall facebook post-

I received a letter in the mail to my home address (up on the hill behind the waterworks/St Margaret) re a meeting at FCAHS for the route 28 widening project. I excerpted some of the letter below.

Taking place December 12th, 5:30 p – 730 p, presentation at 5:45 pm at Fox Chapel Area HS Auditorium Gate D.

Briefly it says that the scope of the project is reconstructing 28 from around N. Canal Street/Kittanning Pike to Delafield Avenue Interchange so there will be 2 travel lanes in each direction.

Included in the project are route 28 ramps with the Highland Park Bridge and Freeport Road mainly by reconstructing the existing pavement, bridge/wall preservation work, and miscellaneous operational and safety improvements. Noise walls are also being evaluated as part of the project. The Highland Park Bridge river crossing and the Riverfront 47 Development are not part of the project.

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