“security” locking bikes at the hospital

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so this weekend i spent a lot of time at UPMC presby hospital with my brother, one of the times i was there (for a couple hours) i came out around 5 to find that my bike was locked to the railing where i locked it by a second lock, and there was no note or notice of any kind on it. i was pissed when i saw it, especially since he was in there from a bike vs car accident and i hadn’t slept in a long long time, so i stood there for like 3 minutes looking at the lock and thinking about what the hell was going on, to which i could find no logical explanation, so instead of investigating the situation any more i went home on the bus, got bolt cutters, came back, and freed my bike. as i was doing it someone from security came up to me and said something like “what do you think you’re doing” and i said “unlocking my bike” and they said “you can’t cut that chain, that’s our chain” and i said “thanks for the extra bike protection, but i don’t need it” and they said “are you going to pay for that” and i said “i’ll pay for one link” (i nicely only cut the last link, so i really didn’t harm the chain at all since it was plenty long) and they said “you stay right there, i’m calling security” and i said “actually i’m going to leave” and i left.

NOW, the real thing here is what the hell?! how does locking a bike like that do anything? i don’t understand what the goal is. there are no signs that indicate i can’t park there. the place i was parked was not in any stretch of the imagination blocking the road, sidewalk, parking, visibility, or anything else, anywhere. there are no bike racks in the visible vicinity. people who come to the hospital on bikes might need to go places in a hurry! what if i had to go get something from my brother’s house or something… i can’t even come close to describing how furious i was… but i still don’t understand.

anyhoo… could bike-pgh look into this somehow? i’ve talked to some people about it and apparently its happend before, and when i was there there was another bike beside mine with the same problem, so i have a feeling this is something that someone will have an immediate response to at hospital security. here are the solutions i would recommend:

a no bike parking sign with instructions on where the official bike parking area is.

a sign on the bike with a number on it to call instead of a chain. (the other person i talked to got a lock that said “hospital security” on it with a number, mine did not have anything like that)


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