Steel City Showdown – Volunteers Needed

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So as I hope most of you know the Steel City Showdown is only a few short weeks away on Sunday April 17. The day is going to be filled with bike racing, music, and even food from our bike enthusiast pals at Salt of the Earth. The day is not to be missed.

We need some help to make the showdown into the race that it should be.

What we need help doing:

Set up 6am-8am

Setting up for the day, hay bales to make the course safe barriers set at the start finish line, hanging signs and sweeping corners.

Course Marshals 8am- 2pm

Help people cross the street make sure no one is on course during racing.


This one speaks for itself, important job you get to meet lots of people in spandex

Clean up

Take down all tents, clear the roads for traffic and put everything away for next year.

No experience is needed you don’t even have to ride a bike to help. All volunteers will get a special edition t shirt, some food, and hopefully some more goodies from our sponsors.

If you would like to help please shoot us an email at

– Mike and the Showdown Crew

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