Test the new Three Rivers Heritage Trail Map!

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Friends of the Riverfront needs your help to test our new online and mobile versions of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail Map before it goes live!

If you want to be one of the first people to check out the this new map, follow the directions below.

Be sure to leave us some feedback at the links provided to tell us what you think!

Feel free to ask us any questions at friends@friendsoftheriverfront.org


Friends of the Riverfront

Instructions for Testers

Thank you for helping Friends of the Riverfront test its new mapping and information system. This note explains how you can provide us valuable feedback during this testing period.

As you may know, we have created a system to replace what is currently at http://friendsoftheriverfront.org/map. This new system works from a computer browser like the old one. But it also adds capabilities for most mobile devices (phones) that have a Web browser. We hope you have the time to use both capabilities and give us your feedback.

Computer Browser

If you have used the current system, you should feel comfortable with the new one. It has all the same features, listed below, plus a couple of new ones. Please use all the features described below. Feel free to follow our script or just bang away as you like. Please report any problems and provide any suggestions for improving the system either by email to info@groupkgr.com (our contractor) or at http://for.trailset.com/feedback. It is important that you use this feedback form, rather than email, because the form captures information about your environment (but not about you) like which browser and version you are using. This will help us address any issues.

? open your browser (Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome9+) and go to http://for.trailset.com

? you should see the map.

? Try the basic map features you are familiar with from Google maps::

? dragging the map

? zooming in and out

? changing the map style from “map” to “terrain” using the drop-down box

? looking at Google Street View photos by dragging the little gold man on the right to some position on the map (HINT: to get rid of the photo, click the X mark at the top right of the photo)

? use the Map Key & Legend

? click on the button – the legend window should open

? find “City Bike Routes” and click the button to its left. You should see the blue city bike routes appear and disappear as you click.

? do the same for other legend items and see markers or trails appear and disappear

? close by clicking the button again

? look at some points of interest

? click on the “Attractions” button on the bottom left

? you should see a gold box slide up from the bottom and many markers on the map

? use the scroll bar to look through all the attractions

? click on “Convention Center” in the gold box

? you should see information appear about the Convention Center in the box at the right

? click on one of the other markers on the map

? the right box for Convention Center should have disappeared and a new one should now be there for the marker you picked

? click on the gold box X button

? you should see the gold box and the right boxdisappear, along with all the map markers for that category.

? try saving printing, and some spots

? click on the “Hotels” category button

? click on Hilton

? click on the “Save to My Spots” link at the top right of the Hilton info window

? the first time you save a spot, you are asked to give it a name. do so and click the save button

? the link has changed from “Save” to “Remove”, and the map marker has a blue push pin

? repeat this process for more points of interest, saving them as you pull up their info window. Save some from different categories. NOTE you can also “Save” legend objects like parking places or restrooms

? you should have a few saved points represented by blue push pins on the map

? the left box shows the spots you have saved, minus any you removed. If the left box is not open, click the My Spots button at the bottom

? try printing your saved spots

? click the Print button in the left box

? you should see a map with all your saved points of interest. Below the map are details of each of your saved spots

? if you have a printer available, print this page, using your browser’s print command

? click on the Back to the Map link, and you will be returned to the map, where you can add and remove more spots

? click the print button in the left box again

? Below the map is a link for REMOVING all your saved points. Click this link

? you should be back at the map, and all of your saved points are gone

? click My Spots button and you should see you have no Spots

? try sharing My Spots

? after you have saved one or more spots, open the left box by clicking the My Spots button on the bottom

? click the twitter button to share on twitter. You will need to have a twitter login. If you are already logged in, you will be able to modify your tweet and send it. A link to the collection of spots is included.

? click the Facebook button, to share on your Facebook profile.

Mobile Device

If you have a mobile device that can browse the Web, please try using the new mobile app. Use our script or follow your own. Please report bugs or provide other feedback by going to http://for.trailset.com/feedback ON YOUR PHONE. It is important you do this from the phone where you had the problem, because the feedback system automatically collects info about your phone (but not about you) such as your browser and version number. This will help us tremendously in addressing any issues.

Mobile devices are supported in two different ways as outlined below.

? HTML5. The latest phones offer browsers based on the newer HTML5 standards you may have heard about. Currently these include:

? iPhone 2, 3, 3GS, 4

? iPad, iPad2

? Android-based devices running Android version 1.6 or later

? HP/Palm Pre

? Blackberry phones running the brand new version 6

? the newWindows Mobile 7 phones

These devices support the full experience described in the tests.

? smartphones. Phones that have a Web browser that are not compliant with the HTML5 standard. The browser being used may be the phone’s native browser or a third-party browser added to the phone, such as Opera mini. Users of the mobile app get much of the same functionality as HTML5 users, but in a simpler user interface. This will include any Blackberry phones running an OS earlier than version 6. One capability lacking is the sensing of your location so the can provide you with directions.

Here is a script to follow if you choose. This script is tailored to an HTML5-compliant phone.

? open your phone’s browser; enter this address into the address field the URL http://for.trailset.com and go to that address

? you should see a dark blue screen with the Three Rivers Heritage Trail logo and two right-arrow buttons. The “Donate!” button takes you to the main site’s Membership page, which will soon be re-formatted to present well on a mobile device.

? at any point, you may be asked to allow the app to use your current location information. Please allow it by pressing OK, BUT only if you are within the Pittsburgh area. If you do not allow it, the app will use a “default” location in the center of Pittsburgh for any directions. This will allow you to test, but will not be very useful unless that happens to be where you are.

? click the “View Trail Map” button

? you should see a Google map. Try:

? dragging the map

? zooming in and out

? changing the map style from “map” to “terrain” using the drop-down box

? rotating your phone and repeating the tests above

The red line is the Heritage Trail. The blue lines are the City of Pittsburgh bike routes.

? click the Find button to look for spots

? you should see the same list of categories as on the map app from your computer

? click “Attractions” You should see the six points of interest in this category that are closest to your current location, if you chose to allow the app to use your location. Please verify that these points are indeed near to where you are currently. (NOTE: if you are on a phone where we can get your GPS, but you did NOT allow the app to use your location, it uses a default location downtown near Grant St. and 6th Ave. If you are on a non-HTML5 phone, you will receive all of the points of interest in that category, in alphabetical order, as described below.)

? click on one of the spots in the list

? you should see the same information about this point of interest that was shown in the map app on the computer.

? if there is a phone number, and your phone supports it, you should be able to click on the number and place a call to that number. Please try it.

? back to the info page for the point of interest: click on the “Show on Map” button

? you should see a map with a marker on your selected Spot, and a blue dot at your location

? click on the Directions button. Chose a directions mode (bike, walk, drive) and see the written directions

? click the Map button to see the map with the directions path on it.

? click the Directions button again to find directions for a different mode of travel.

? OR click the Details button to go back to the Spot details page

? click the List button to go back to the list of Spots nearest you

? click “Show All A to Z”

? you should see an alphabetized list of ALL the points of interest in that category

? click “Convention Center”

? you should be back at the Spot Detail page for this new spot, and from there, you can show it on map and get directions to it.


Looks very good.


what do the street colors mean? they seem kinda random. as in, highways i would never ride a bike in are the same color as important streets i do ride my bike on.


The key/legend says blue means city bike routes but the colors arent easily distinguished between the regular roads.

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