Thanks to the guy who stopped to check I was OK after I got hit tonight

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Whoever you are I just wanted to post a quick thank you to the guy who stopped to check on me tonight.

I was hit on Highland Ave near Home Depot around 7.30pm. Thanks for stopping and making sure things were cool. I am pretty sure I was out of it but I remember that you asked me about 5 times if I was OK and hung around long enough to be sure that things were cool.

So thanks! It was much appreciated and goes a long way to remind me how very privileged I feel to be part of the Pittsburgh biking community.



Oh wow, I was pulling into home depot about that time and saw a lot of cop cars across the street.

Hope you dont have any major injuries.


Sorry to hear about your crash. Hope you are all right. Did the police take a report? Is your bike damaged? Were you injured?

The only things that trigger an automatic police report is an injury or a “tow.” Except bikes don’t really get “towed.” So often police reports are not taken if the crash victim also denies a ride to the hospital. We’re trying to change this, but it’s difficult.

If a police report was not taken, you can still submit an incident report after the fact. It’s important to track these crashes so that we can help convince the powers that be to invest in complete streets.

Like I said, I really hope you’re ok. Let us know if you need anything.

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