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Sorry for the non-bike-related thread jack, but this item really stood out for me:

Be a Ninja Kit – $32

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Date: 2007-07-20, 12:09AM EDT

Be a Ninja (like the turtles?)

Ninja Tabi Boots (size 11)

these Tabi boots are an authentic reproduction of a real ninja boot in every way. The split toe feature is designed to improve the foot’s gripping ability. The rubber soles improve traction and are virtually soundless. High top covers about 1/2 of the calf. Has a velcro-type closure along the entire length of the boot.

Ninja Hand Claws

If you are good enough, you can use these Ninja Hand Claws to scale new heights without a ladder. These traditional ninja climbing tools were designed to be worn for climbing, scaling, ice walking and defense. Each set features adjustable bands and heavy duty construction. Not for amateur use

Ninja Foot Spikes

When used in conjunction with the hand claws, your climbing potential is greatly increased. Spikes are made of black steel and feature laced closure to secure to feet.

Ninja Throwing stars and knives. These are neat, but Im “throwing” them in when you buy the other gear.

I can seperate things out if someone only wants the boots ect….

Thanks for looking

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