The out-of-town news thread, vol. II

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Guy who shot Jacob Blake is on the bike squad


↑ Yikes. Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha cop that killed Jacob Blake is quoted as saying:

What I like most [about being a cop] is that you’re dealing with people on perhaps the worst day of their lives and you can try and help them as much as you can and make that day a little bit better.


(Third attempt to post.  Evidently it didn’t like my link.  Story can be found searching on “arlington trail rage.”  Apologies if multiples show up.)

Arrest Made in Aggressive Cyclist Case

Arlington County police have arrested a man they
say is the cyclist behind a series of “trail rage”
incidents on local trails.

On Friday, ACPD issued a community warning about
a middle-aged man who had aggressively cursed at,
mooned and in some cases struck pedestrians, in
at least five separate incidents along trails in
Arlington. Police say they received “numerous tips”
over the weekend, which led them to identify a suspect.

“On the evening of Sunday, September 6, police
executed a search warrant at the suspect’s residence
and took him into custody without incident,” police
said in a press release today. “David Marlowe, 55,
of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with
Robbery, Assault and Battery (x3), Indecent
Exposure(x5) and Felony Possession with the
Intent to Distribute Marijuana. He is being held
in the Arlington County Detention Facility on no

Felony possession of marijuana?  FELONY?  Jeez.  What is wrong with the police these days?



Kolo Jezdec

Felony possession With intent to distribute.  That last part is important.  In Virginia, it usually means at least 2 0f 3 things:

  • Person has more than 5 pounds of the drug. (11 oz or less is misdemeanor in most cases)
  • Person has indicated he is not a marijuana user or that the marijuana he has is not for his personal use.
  • Marijuana is packaged in such a way as to make distribution easier, or person has packaging materials with him.

Intent to distribute is the key charge.


Madison, Wisconsin likes their new Saris cargo e-trike with 660 pound payload capacity, for city maintenance work.

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