“Took my cherry, and didn’t even buy me a drink first…”

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So, I was hit by a car for the first time this morning at about 6 AM.

Rte 19, betwixt Wexford and Cranberry, coming up the hill after the Sheetz. Moron was either drunk/stoned/asleep, or playing “Let’s buzz the cyclist”. ’cause his line never wavered. Construction on shoulder, so I’ve got nowhere to go. (Mistake on my part!)

Whether utter bastard or merely oblivious buffoon, the driver broke his passenger mirror assembly off on me. Luckily, I didn’t go down, and managed to maintain control of the bike; only suffered a minor gash on my forearm and a nasty contusion on my triceps. Driver kept on going; I turned the air blue for a few minutes while checking to make sure that A) all body parts still worked and B) the bleeding was not arterial, then called the cops to report the hit-and-run.

Cop came by, took my statement, and took the broken mirror assembly to see if they can match it up to something; also said he’d hang out in the area tomorrow morning at the same time, and watch for cars with missing passenger mirror. I don’t expect any results; I couldn’t give the sergeant any details beyond “Uh, car? Had bright headlights?”, so can’t expect miracles.

It looks like the frame of my seat took the impact first…second time I’ve been really grateful to ride ‘bent, with a seat frame that’s as wide as my body. A couple of new squeaks that I’ll need to diagnose later, but the bike rides fine and still seems sound.

I’m grateful, in a way; it could have been far, far worse. Scary as hell, and I’m still a little rattled, but I’m a lot better off than many cyclists who’ve been hit.

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