Totally OT – help finding link

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Ok, this isn’t remotely on topic, but I swear I got the link I’m looking for from one of you guys.

There’s a design firm (like two college buddies), somewhere in Pittsburgh (I think), who makes furniture, like couches and chairs, out of… recycled plywood, I think, and they assemble and disassemble without fasteners. When disassembled, the package is super flat and small (thinner than the cushions you’d put on it). They’re all about sustainability, and will take the couch back for recycling when you’re done with it. It is very cool.

I can’t for the life of me find their site. I’m hoping they still exist.

I googled every combination of Pittsburgh design couch sofa chair recycled plywood furniture startup and am thwarted. Anybody out there know who they are or how I can find them?

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