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Ken Kaminski

Mike Mccraken was also there. We headed out 51 to Quip, then took Green Garden, until I saw a road that I swore cut out a hill. 9 miles later we are 2 miles from where we should have been. Awesome road though.
Green garden all the way down to the Midland Nuclear plant. That thing is AWESOME, you come around a turn and it looks fake, like a projector is projecting it. You are literally 200 feet away from a nuclear power plant. We crossed the river there and jumped on 68 west to cross into Ohio before 11am.
Mckcracken hates ohio and said that was his best trip there yet.
We snacked on some vita pups, sun chips and diet rootbeer in Midland before taking 68 to beaver along the river, then coming back mostly 51, with a few feet of 65 thrown in just to be sketchy.
Mike was hurting a bit in ambridge and didnt want to blow up cause he had plans that night (unlike me who went out with Amy and sat all night almost asleep while she talked to people)
I hit 100 miles on the Jailtrail around bates at 5 hours and 30 minutes, which is a personal best for me without being in a group. (fastest group century was sub 4:30 with 20 miles of climbing no bullshit)… I checked out flagstaff a hair after 1pm and saw the B-day party before heading home. 106 miles 18.3 or so avg.

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