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Ken Kaminski

M. McCracken, here. Great ride, guys! Thanks for the route, Steevo. Had a blast sharing stories and exploring beautiful Midland! Maybe the Juice can help me find some really real estate there.
As Steevo said, I left him at about the 77 mile mark outside of Ambridge. I needed to relax a bit to cool down. A large slurpee (blue flavor) helped. After that, I took my grand ol’ time getting back and made the last 25 miles in about 1.75 hrs. It was HOT out and there was nowhere to hide from the sun on Neville Island. I finally rolled into Friendship Park at exactly 2:25 and got some wierd looks from a pregnant security guard who was lending someone som cigarettes (?!). I was pretty baked last night, but I’m feelin’ great today. Once again, great ride, great route!

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