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Ken Kaminski

So I’m “organizing” a race for Bike Fest. It’s real simple: all you gotta do is put your hand anywhere on the Ohio border, and then come back. I haven’t decided exacty where to yet, probably a coffee shop or a bar. This is totally on the honor system and there are no prizes, so that way I can ride it too without any conflict of interest.

You can take any route you want. Here’s one I came up with and put on Bikely:


Some proper credit also belongs to whoever made this route, which mine is almost entirely based on:

N Pitts Lima II

They’ve got a cue sheet with some extra info on it too.

My route is about 46 miles. A shorter route is probably out there for someone to find. Share it if you want or keep it under your hat, I don’t care. So that’s about a century for the day. I’m not sure about the hillage, but it’s mostly on a river valley so it can’t be bad. A few short steep climbs here and there at worst, I’m sure. I originally wanted to start this around 5 AM but the distance to Ohio is actually shorter than I thought so I might start it later, maybe even as late as 8 AM.

So does anyone think they’ll do it? Any feedback?

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