Trying to find a Bike

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I put in my vote for the Novara Fusion and Transfer that Mac mentioned.

If those won’t work for you, here are a few more options which make good commuters out of the box. These would all work for rail trails and the bigger trails in Frick for example, but they’re mostly chosen with commuting in mind.

  • I’ve seen a KHS Urban-X and they look pretty nice. I think they’re available at Iron City Bikes.
  • The Kona Smoke looks reasonable in pictures but I haven’t seen one in person.
  • The Bianchi Milano looks hip, and makes a good townie, but the gearing may not be suitable for your needs in Pittsburgh. I think Pittsburgh Pro Bikes sells Bianchi.
  • Jamis makes a commuter series. Bike Tek had Jamis a few years ago.
  • Breezer makes quite a few options which would work, but I have no clue if you can see any of them locally.

My personal preference is for finding and fixing up older bikes. But that’s only because I enjoy doing it, not because I’m under the illusion that it’s cheaper or more efficient than buying the right bike once and being done with it.

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