Turtle Creek Rail Trail

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Recently a new coat of crushed limestone was finally rolled on to the section of the trail on the Trafford / Penn Twp border that has washed out at least twice already.  It had been repaired last year with asphalt millings, which made the trail functional but a little rough for those on skinny tires.  It should be “as good as new” now.

Some drainage work was done in the upper end of the gorge in Murrysville.  The issue there is not flooding but landslides from the steep slope above the trail.  It’s not as bad as what happens on the Steel Valley trail near Kennywood, but it has been bad enough to block some of the drain pipes.  A few of us did a little work on this stuff last year with hand tools; honestly we made a good effort but I don’t think we made much progress that day.  This time the heavy equipment was brought in.

The video is posted here.


Ok guys I finally got in touch with the right people at Google and as of today I notice the WHT is now marked on Google Maps Biking layer.

There was no way to report this directly thru the app, but I finally got into a direct message session with someone on twitter and after a few weeks of back and forth, they finally added it.

It’s been a personal frustration of mine for the past few years, now even more people should discover this awesome trail and hopefully contribute towards its completion.

Anyone know any other local trails that don’t show up on the map? While I’m at it I can try to attack those as well.


Thanks, PIT2MAD!

It looks like the Google folks only have the trail going as far as the US-22 underpass. The trail is definitely complete to “downtown” Export (the intersection with Lincoln Ave, to be precise.) Any chance you can get them to add this portion?

The Funk Bikeway in Duff Park in Murrysville could be added, too. It parallels part the Westmoreland Heritage Trail, basically, just on the other side of Turtle Creek.

I’m sure there are more trails that I’m not aware of.


5 to 10 years ago, Google had a feature called Mapmaker that allowed map additions and corrections to be crowdsourced. It operated much like Wikipedia: after creating an account, anyone could propose a change, but all changes were subject to review before they were applied to the public-facing map database. The process was slow, typically taking several months to get changes approved, but it mostly worked. I entered the Redbank Trail into google maps this way, and many other local bike trail bits. In 2016 I made edits to add Duff Park’s Funk Bikeway into google maps, plus all the foot trails in that park, but my changes were delayed by nitpicking editors and apparently they were never approved before Mapmaker was later shut down. Some users proposed malicious map changes over the years. For example, I was a reviewer for a proposed change that would have reclassified the Environmental Charter School in Regent Square changing its building type from “Charter School” to “Juvenile Detention Center”!

Mapmaker was shut down in late 2016. At the time, Google announced “Over the past year, we’ve rolled out new, easy ways for people to help keep Google Maps up to date by allowing them to make edits directly from the Google Maps app and through Google Search. Based on these efforts, in addition to our new Local Guides program, we’ve decided to retire Map Maker in order to improve and expedite the Maps editing experience on both mobile and desktop”. (https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/08/google-to-shut-down-map-maker-its-crowdsourced-map-editing-tool/)

But in reality, their new “Local Guides” is only a Yelp-like feature that encourages business reviews, not topological or geometric edits to the map; and instead of improving the editing experience, they have lobotomized it! In 2019 I used the limited error-reporting mechanism within Maps to report that Turtle Creek Rail Trail between Trafford and Export was missing, but apparently they ignored my report. Good work, @PIT2MAD, on getting the trail added!


<p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks @pit2mad !</p>
Tredway Trail extension to Freeport Bridge could use added :-)

Also Three Rivers Heritage Trail on-road routes thru Blawnox (routing can be found online), Tarentum (not sure if this can be found online), and Neville Island.

Also, some more segments of the Ghost Town Trail have been constructed.


Thanks! :-)

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