Want to design an artistic bike rack?

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Hi all,

I moved to Springfield, Ohio just about two years ago. We’re on the Simon Kenton Trail and at the top end of the Little Miami Trail that goes all the way to Cincinnati and part of a system of more than 330 miles of trails. Plus the road riding is fantastic, if a bit flatter than Pittsburgh (an understatement). Anyway, the Springfield Center City association and partners are looking to improve bike infrastructure in our downtown area and are looking for original and interesting (and functional) bike rack designs.

Here’s a couple of excerpts from the project description on the Center City Associations website.

Recognizing that engaging our creative population to improve downtown amenities in a healthy, meaningful way helps to improve the physical landscape and the community’s quality of life; the Center City Association, in conjunction with our downtown partners, including the City of Springfield, the Springfield Museum of Art and the Clark County Transportation Committee, has decided to lead the Downtown Bicycle Rack Art Project.

In an effort to improve our physical environment and promote more bicycle activity officials are soliciting artistic designs for bicycle racks that will be placed strategically around the downtown core.

Artistic bicycle racks will not only allow cyclists a place to park their bicycles downtown, but will also beautify the urban core and create a greater sense of community.

Entry deadline is January 25th.

Here’s the RFP(it’s a PDF).

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