Waterproof Helmet Camera – $200

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Not mine, I noticed this posting on craigslist:


Cannon Optura 20 Mini DV cam, Waterproof Helmet Camera, Otter Box setu – $200 (Observatory Hill)

This standard definition camcorder, helmet camera, and customized Otter Box make this a completely waterproof underwater camera system. The hemlet camera connects to any camcorder or recording device that can accept standard RCA connections (either directly or through an adapter cable with the device). The camcorder includes such a cable. The otter box is large enough to hold the camcorder if using it to protect the camera on a boat or underwater. Also included is a small microphone with alligator clip. I have used this helmet camera system mainly on bicycle rides and it has never been dropped, scratched, or abused in any way. The helmet camera also includes a strong mounting bracket that completely protects the camera which has also never been dropped.

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