What do ya think of these newfangled cranks/BBs

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These are them, I’m pretty sure, except I have a 48 tooth big ring. As for the location of the click/creak – I’ve tried a few different BBs, greasing the BB threads and cup, greasing the pedal threads, putting Teflon tape in the pedal threads, tightening the piss out of the crank bolts, tightening the chainring bolts, multiple sets of pedals and a liberal application of profanity. My thoughts are that the interface between the spider and crank arm has come slightly loose, or there’s some kinda play in the pedal hole or spindle hole in the crank (though I agree that this would probably just cause something to be noticeably loose).

I agree that square taper is probably not my issue (noise-wise), but I’ve never really been that crazy about the square taper system (interference fits in non-ferrous metals aren’t great if you plan on disassembling them), but I’m more just curious if a) these new ones are gonna be the way everything goes and so i might as well switch now (no way of telling), b) if they’re appreciably better and (new) c) what would be a good replacement ‘touring’ square triple crankset to try…

Thanks for the help Mayhew!

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