Winter commuter?

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So, I’m giving some thought to creeping back to the upright world and building/buying a decent winter commuter.

I’d be using it for light to moderate cargo hauling (210 lbs of me plus 30-40 lbs of groceries or whatnot), commuting from Brighton Heights to Cranberry, and miscellaneous urban on-road errand running stuff.

Aside from the obvious clearance for fat tires and fenders, as well as eyelets for a rear rack, what should I be looking for? I’m wanting mechanical simplicity, so probably a single chainring and either 8-speed friction or an internally geared hub on the rear.

I’d prefer to build it up myself, but I’d be willing to contemplate dropping some cash on a pre-built model.

So, all that said, any thoughts, suggestions, aspersions on my character, or links to sites of interest?



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