Woman attacked on Gap Tuesday; description of assailant

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“Allegheny County Police describe the attacker as black male with a medium complexion in his late 20s or early 30s. Witnesses told police that he is approximately 5-feet-10 with a medium build, short hair on the sides and no facial hair. During the attack he wore no shirt, wore dirty blue jeans rolled up at the ankle and dirty brown loafers. Because he was kicked repeatedly during the attack he may have visible bruises or abrasions.
“Police also say that he may be nonverbal or speak with a speech impediment. They say businesses in the area are familiar with a man matching that description and describe him walking from Mifflin Street toward the Waterfront shopping center with no shirt on.”


Since the 9/24 attempted rape, I’ve collected all the news stories on the event here, in case you care to browse them:



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