Women's 17" Giant Sedona bike PLUS rack and stuff

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Biking season is here! Hardly-ever-ridden burgundy 17” 21-gear Ladies Giant Sedona all-purpose bike. Highly rated for comfort. The Giant Sedona is a hybrid which means it is built to withstand off road riding but is much more comfortable and sits you more upright than a mountain bike does. GREAT DEAL!!!! Includes SpeedZone Sport Cyclocomputer, kickstand, fenders, front and rear lights, bell, water bottle holder, and rear cargo platform (all add on’s to the base price quoted in reviews). AND you get a FREE Saris Bones 2-bike Model #805 bumper-supported bike rack ($130 value). AND you get a FREE Saris bike beam #3037 ($40 value). $500 for the entire package. Call Judy 412-521-1136.

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