WTB: Frame bag

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I need a fairly big frame bag (“V” shape). I have a rear rack, axiom panniers and ‘trunk’ but this gets heavy and I end up packing too much with the luxury of it, and it slows me down. July 2nd I’ll be doing my second one day ride to Cleveland, so I need it for fast paced rides like this. Last year I had 20-30lbs on my bike, and didn’t need 15lbs of it. Ideally I need something to fit a tightly rolled rain jacket, cliff bars, cell phone and paper maps.

Would be nice to fit with 2 water bottles and go along the top part of the top tube, and the “V” part fitting in front of the frame and angling up to the top tube going towards the seat post. I have a pump that fits underneath the top tube that I’m willing to sacrifice for this. Any ideas? I may have to sketch out what I want.

edit: for a road bike..

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