I wanted to start of this article by telling everyone that I am not in the heath care field and am not a medical professional but I am a 43 year old man that has used just about every type of penis pump made and have had over a couple of thousand of hours using various types of penis enlargement devices and have even had one implanted into my penis to help me with getting an erection. After talking with many men over my lifetime I have come to the conclusion that when most men think about why another guy buys a bathmate penis pump, they think they are buying it for one reason and that is to increase size or girth. But fact is that most penis pumps only increase length and size for a short amount of time. In fact most penis pumps are used for other means such as helping a man get or maintain an erection rather than to make his erection longer or thicker. And many others use them as a masturbation device as well. There three main differences about penis pumps to look for and are as follows. One being a manually operated pump which are usually the cheapest. The second is a battery operated pump which usually the most expensive type of bathmate hydromax penis pump. The third being vibrating pumps which are usually used as masturbators. And depending on what your planning on using your pump for, will depend on what features you want to come along with your penis pump.

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