This new class is called Cavas de Paraje Calificado, and it incorporates Cavas originating from destinations with excellent qualities, both climatically and geographically.
The new Cavas Premium class is without a doubt the highest point of the quality pyramid, one level over the notable Gran Reserva.
To be perceived as Cava de Paraje Calificado, the wines must satisfy the accompanying prerequisites.
- Maximum yield of 8,000 kg/ha.
- Manual gather of the grapes.
- Minimum age of the vines: 10 years
- Vinification at the winery's very own premises.
- Maximun yield per hectare: 48 hl.
- Only vintage wines are permitted.
- Aged for at least three years in the container.
We are glad to show countless new Cavas de Paraje Calificado.
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El Cavas de Paraje Calificado es una nueva categoría premium que incluye aquellos cavas elaborados con uvas procedentes de un paraje determinado como excepcional por sus condiciones climatológicas o geológicas.

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