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Adult "learn to ride a bike" class or instructor

I've taught several children to ride a bike over the years and know most of the tricks like removing the pedals and having them scoot to learn to balance. I have a new adult student that is so terrified I have not made any progress after several attempts. I'm thinking that a third party might be able to make more progress. Does anyone know anyone in the Pittsburgh area that takes students like this for a fee?
2014-10-21 10:23:09
This week's How To Do Everything podcast teaches a Pittsburgher how to ride a bike down by the Jail Trail.
2014-10-24 19:28:07
When I had outgrown my tricycle my parents bought me a bicycle (single-speed coaster). I was terrified; I couldn't understand how something with two wheels could possible stay up. Eventually I got up the nerve to get on it, next to a wall of our cottage, where the ground fell away. I was terrified, but eventually let go of the wall and let the bike roll down the incline. Imagine my surprise: the damn thing stayed upright and didn't at all act like it would keel over! That's all it took. That was a great summer... Anyway, maybe the idea is to get people to understand that the thing simply stays upright...
2014-10-26 18:32:53