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Adventurefest - coming up - who's going?

Anyone else heading out to the Bicycle Times Adventurefest this weekend? Emma and I got a cabin with a few friends. Looking forward to doing a couple of the mixed surface routes on my new Fargo. Weather's currently looking like it could be a bit dicey, but we'll make the best of it.
2015-10-05 09:35:29
Yep. Vaguely planning on the 31-mile road ride on Friday afternoon, the 106-mile road ride on Saturday, and the 42-mile mixed surface ride on Sunday.
2015-10-05 11:02:19
I am really excited about this, but I can't make it this year due to work and home maintenance duties. This looks like an awesome event though and hope they do this again next year.
2015-10-05 13:26:04
this was a great time. friday afternoon got rained out, but cleared up for friday night hangouts and then saturday/sunday were absolutely wonderful for riding. the autumn foliage was probably a week out from being peak but it was absolutely lovely. emma and i did the 38 mixed surface ride on saturday. nice mix of gravel-y trails, gravel roads, payed roads and a really fun section of snowmobile trails. some tough climbs but paid off with some great views. on sunday, we did the same route, but skipping the first 15 mile section and just jumping ahead to the snowmobile trail part. Put my new Fargo through the paces over the weekend. Really loving it but think i've decided that the Cambium saddle isn't what I want for it. The Salsa team was there with demo bikes so took the opportunity to rip around on a Warbird and an El Mariachi for a bit too. Never got around to test riding any of the Treks. Good vibes. Nice mix of young and old, some families. I think the venue was great for those of us who like to climb but I feel like it may have not been the greatest location for families looking for a relatively easy ride to take the kids on. Also, heard from a handful of non-PA folks who were not quite prepared for the level of hill climbing on the rides. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings. from the shores of the lake... to the tops of the hills... more pics here
2015-10-12 09:22:44