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Agressive Pedicab Drivers

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014 I was leading a group of 15 cyclists on a Public Art Bicycle Tour. Time was around 7:15pm. Incident #1: When we crossed from the Langley Clock to view the Pitt Panther and Art Rooney statues at Heinz Field, we were detoured by Heinz Field staff onto the sidewalk along North Shore Drive. As I approached the intersection of North Shore Drive and Art Rooney Avenue, someone was issuing the warning "On Your Left, On Your Left." Being unable to move any further to the right, I continued on my path. Then passing me with unsafe clearance is a pedicab which hits my mirror and handle bar. Never stopping to apologize or checking on the accident. Incident #2: Minutes later as we were crossing North Shore Drive in the crosswalk to view the Fred Rogers' Memorial Statue, cars in left lane stopped allowing us to cross, a pedicab in the right lane hesitated for a second and then cut through our path.
2014-06-20 08:06:21
If you haven't already, might be worth contacting the owner: Says safety is their number one priority. Alternatively, could slap your hand on the handlebars and say "I'm walking here!"
2014-06-20 08:59:20
FYI. Not all the pedicabs here are green gears, there is another local company, and a few out of town operators who arrive for big sporting events. Typically the company name is visible on the cab, at least it usually is for the green gears cabs.
2014-06-20 10:03:30