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Allegheny Center bike lanes

2017-09-26 17:39:39

I drove this yesterday in a car with my brother in the passenger seat.  His reaction when entering the circle from East Ohio Street was "what the hell are all those lines."  It is a jumble of a whole lot of lines of similar width & color and is rather confusing.  The crosswalk lines, travel lane line, bike lane line w/buffer line seem to overwhelm the visual field.  I drove this way specifically to see the new lanes and was anticipating them, yet I must agree with my brother's comment.  

What do others think?

2017-09-26 17:53:54
Maybe this is like what I posted about negley at roup.  Good intentions, good design on paper, poor execution irl
2017-09-26 19:02:33
I rode my bike around Allegheny center today. I thought the bike lanes were pretty good and well marked. I can see how people can think the intersections are a little busy with bicycle crossings to get into the bike lane marked. I can also see how people who have been driving this route forever could feel the new layout is confusing. however the way the old roads were configured I could also see it very being very confusing for people who were driving the old roads for the first time too. I came to Allegheny center from Sandusky Street and there were no markings on that and it was very unclear how I was supposed to get into the inner bike lane. I ended up riding on the road for a bit and then cutting over when there was a break in traffic to get into the center bike lane.
2017-09-27 09:07:14
Why did they put 4-way flashing red at W. Commons Dr. and Ridge Ave./Children's Way? Why couldn't it be flashing red on Ridge Ave. and Children's Way and flashing yellow on W. Commons Dr.? Also, Do Northbound bikes on W. Commons Dr. have to stop at the intersection? All this traffic unnecessarily stopping creates excess air pollution and is difficult to get started again after loosing your momentum while biking. I usually like to avoid stop signs if at all possible for that reason. Also, A driver on the 54 bus said that the new bike lanes are are too wide and cause a "traffic nightmare" during rush hour.
2017-09-27 17:26:43
I'd stop at every intersection there. Cars aren't used to bikes there, yet, and you don't want to be picked up off the pavement by an EMS worker.
2017-09-27 18:45:32
The signals in place are inefficient and cause more delay than they solve.  All-way stops are safer for all modes and actually reduce delay in this case.  Flashing yellows along Commons would make absolutely no sense at all.   Anyone claiming that reducing traffic down to two lanes for less than 4,000 vehicles per day causes a traffic "nightmare" has zero credibility.  Give me a break.
2017-09-28 07:26:15
I rode it today. @NMR, I was quoting the bus driver. Also, Why is there no green box on southbound Cedar Ave. approaching E. Ohio St.? That is more important than the one that already exists on northbound Cedar Ave. due to the lack of protected left from E. Ohio St. onto Southbound Cedar Ave.
2017-09-28 15:50:05
@zz   Thanks for the video!   I understand your quote was from the bus driver and didn't mean to imply otherwise, I'm just frustrated with giving a voice to irrational complaints.  We spend so much time worrying about Joe Yinzer who thinks the Penn Ave cycle track has "ruined" parking Downtown, despite the project removing zero parking spaces, and Bob BusDriver insinuating they apparently need all four lanes of this hideous street, despite no cycles being missed at any of the signals I've observed during rush hour.  I know this is a "gotta hear both sides" culture, but all complaints shouldn't be created equal. There are measurable ways to quantify traffic delay and weigh that against a street that induces 50mph vehicle speeds.  These decisions need to be fact-based, not opinion.
2017-09-29 11:15:13
@NMR, I told him that Commons Dr. was always a "traffic nightmare". I think the traffic lights that are to remain should be upgraded in the same fashion that the traffic light at Forbes Ave. and Bellefield Ave. in Oakland was with the dedicated bike signals for contraflow and cross bike traffic so the beg button is not necessary when exiting the track.
2017-09-29 16:13:03
I've been using this cycle track somewhat often lately, and I've wondering about the legality of the following:
  • When you are on the cycle track and you reach the traffic lights at South Commons and Sandusky, or the one at East Commons and East Ohio St., if you get a red light, can you continue riding on (yielding to pedestrians) or do you have to stop at the red light and wait until you get a green?
  • Note that you can see the red light if going from South to East Commons, or going north on East Commons, following the direction of car traffic. Riding in the opposite way, I don't think there are traffic lights for people coming in that direction, so presumably one can just continue riding on, only yielding to pedestrians.
I would think it's ok to keep riding and ignore the traffic lights while in the cycle track, but I may be wrong about this. This situation is kind of similar to the stop sign next to the Schenley Park cycle track, in front of Phipps.
2018-11-28 14:34:16
My sense having done the same thing is that the traffic lights are not for the cycle track, since there's really nothing to stop for....
2018-11-28 17:03:22
That’s my take, too. That whole area, I pretty much make up my own rules as I go, since nothing else applies. Note as well, I was hit from behind while waiting out the light, on the motorcycle, at Federal and North Commons, so my basic thought through that whole area is survival, and fuck whatever rules exist. I will not put myself or anyone else in danger, but I am not stopping or remaining stopped if it’s otherwise clear to go.
2018-11-29 05:02:23