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Allegheny CleanWays seeking info on illegal dumpsite locations

As you ride through the area, please note (and report) the location of any illegal dump sites to Allegheny Clean Ways.  These sites do not have to be huge, but should have at least 100 lbs. of material / and a minimum of three objects.  They also should be located in Allegheny County.  Details and reporting process below:   Allegheny County Illegal Dumpsite Assessment We recently received a grant from the Allegheny County Health Department to perform an illegal dumpsite reassessment of the entire county excluding the City of Pittsburgh (the last assessment was performed by our parent organization, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, in 2005), and our goal is to identify and map as many sites as possible. Have you noticed illegal dumpsites outside of the city? We need your help! Do you know of any active illegal dumpsites or areas where dumping has historically occurred in Allegheny County? We are interested in sites that have at least ~100lbs of material and a minimum of 3 objects, or sites so heavily littered over time that they look like dumping has occurred (layers of litter/debris). Material can include illegally dumped yard waste, tree limbs, or masonry- not just discarded trash, furniture, or appliances. If you aren’t sure whether or not we would be interested in a site, tell us about it! We want to collect as much information as possible. If so, where are they located? Addresses, directions, or landmarks would be appreciated. Please email Janée at with any information. Thank you!
2016-10-28 15:33:47
Allegheny CleanWays is continuing their survey of illegal dump sites throughout Allegheny County. Here is a map showing dump sites they've surveyed in red and sites they've cleaned in green. As you can see, they've done a lot in Hazelwood, Beltzhoover, Perry South, and a number of other neighborhoods. They're still working on their county-wide assessment, and could use reports of more dump sites. (They could also use donations of money.) Their zoomable online map is at here's a snapshot of it:
2017-03-22 01:49:41