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Amtrak to Holiday Inn Express Southside

We are arriving on the Capitol from DC after 11:30pm and plan to ride our bikes from the Amtrak Station to the Holiday Inn Express Southside. Googlemaps says it's about 1.5 miles across the S. 10th Street Bridge. Are we crazy to think about doing this? If all goes well, it shouldn't be more than a 10 to 15 minute bike ride. Are there any options at that time of night other than riding our bikes?
2019-09-13 09:00:20
You should be fine.
2019-09-13 09:07:20
+1 You'll be fine. Downtown is safe. Zero traffic. Make sure your front and back lights are working
2019-09-13 10:03:58
Start by exiting the station from the upper level, i.e., don’t go downstairs. You should be able to walk generally in a straight line out the doors and down a long sidewalk, taking you out past the entrance to The Pennsylvanian, now residences, but decades ago the former train station. To your left will be the end of the East Busway. That time of night there will be very few buses, but it is legal to use this last bit of the busway to get into traffic. Left at the light onto Grant Street. Two choices. The most direct is to turn left onto Forbes, right into the Armstrong Tunnel, and straight across the intersection with Second Ave onto the South 10th St Bridge. The alternative is only a bit longer but gets you out of whatever traffic exists that time of night. Stay on Grant, but get in the left lane after Third Avenue, cross Blvd of the Allies, and at the next light, First Ave, veer left onto the sidewalk, staying in front of the building on your left. This is actually the start of the GAP trail. However there is no direct connection to the 10th St Br. You will pass under it, then weave your way across a parking lot, making a series of left turns, to get up onto the bridge. From that parking lot, I’d just stay on the sidewalk until you’re across the river.
2019-09-16 04:59:57
*if you are concerned about riding on roads with traffic in a strange city, there is a sidewalk in the Armstrong tunnel- and although there is a bend in the tunnel, so you cannot see the end upon entry, it is not a very long tunnel, and reasonably well-lit. There is also a sidewalk on the 10th Street Bridge.
2019-09-16 07:16:39
Since I'm on my phone and the search feature won't find message board postings in mobile mode, anyone know typically how late on average the train from Pittsburgh to Cumberland runs? I know it's basically never on time but wanted to know if it was typically,say, 45 minutes late or 4.5 hours late.
2019-09-16 18:54:46
Over the last year, Amtrak route 30 had an average delay of 68 minutes departing Pittsburgh, and an average delay of 85 minutes arriving in Cumberland. From this page. That site also lets you view the data day by day for any period, and sort in various ways. Are there any options at that time of night other than riding our bikes? If you really didn't want to ride all the way there for some reason, you could ride a short way down Liberty Avenue or down Penn (bike lane) to reach Sixth Avenue at Wood Street, then take a 48 or 51 bus to East Carson at Tenth Street. I think they run until around 1 AM on weekday nights.
2019-09-18 05:32:17
steven -- thanks! my google searches came up short finding an "on time" website for amtrak.
2019-09-18 08:16:18
My pleasure. FWIW, my google search terms were "amtrak on time performance" (without the quotes of course).
2019-09-18 17:57:40