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Another bike stolen - Masi 3VC Volumetrica carbon fiber road bike - Friendship

My Masi 3VC Volumetrica carbon fiber road bike was stolen between 10 pm Wednesday night and 7 am Thursday morning, off my front porch. The bike was locked around the spindle of the porch railing with a Kryptonite KryptoLoc Combo U-Lock. No sign of the bike or the lock when I got up. Other than a small chip in the railing paint, you would not know that anything had happened. I have filed a police report, although they could not have been any less enthusiastic. Scott Bricker is very familiar with this bike, as it used to be his. Masi 3VC Volumetrica
2014-07-14 09:59:40
Is there any way that the U-lock could have been removed from the porch without some sort of power tool? For instance, if the porch spindle was wooden, could it have been removed and reattached after removing the bike? If it is metal and there is no way to remove it, then this would be the first theft where the thief cracked a U-lock. If that is the case, we should all start to get a bit more worried.
2014-07-14 10:51:49
Wow, a U-Lock theft. Guess this was bound to happen. Seems bike theft is moving up. I can't get over the amount of threads I am seeing on this forum. Lots of people that ride don't even know about this forum and one has to wonder how many more bikes are being swiped. I have a NYC Fogetaboutit lock and a big chain on my bike. Hope that is enough. Sad to hear about your bike being stolen. Will keep an eye out for it.
2014-07-14 11:28:30
This is concerning to me because if someone broke a u-lock to get this bike they actually probably know something about bikes and would only take the time to break a u-lock on a nice bike. Someone who knows about bikes would be much more likely to steal parts which are easier to steal. Will keep an eye out for this bike.
2014-07-14 11:34:01
No, the porch spindles are wooden but substantial; no way it was removed. The lock is a combination U lock. Other possibility is they unlocked it rather than broke it. Also, not only was the bike gone, but the lock was too.
2014-07-14 11:42:20
Any chance that the U-lock wasn't actually around the spindle? I ask not to be a jerk, but because I made that very mistake this morning on the rack at work.
2014-07-14 12:46:03
Wow, I am very sorry to hear about this. I suspect that if an angle grinder were used on the lock, it would be loud enough to attract attention at night. Unfortunately, overnight is probably enough time to crack a 3 or 4 number combo lock through simple trial-and-error. I hope, first of all, that you recover this bike quickly. I also hope that it was cracked by trying out different different combinations; if the U-lock itself were cut that would be a very very bad sign about the sophistication of thieves in Pittsburgh.
2014-07-14 12:57:12
Reddan, I know it was around the spindle because it was a very tight fit to secure it. I did read (after the fact, sadly) that the combination part of this U lock was easy to crack. Recommendations for a new lock? I still have a Specialized Cyclocross but am a little gun shy to take it out and lock it up. Thanks in advance.
2014-07-14 13:07:29
Locking skewers and seatpost collar might be something to also look into, if one was so inclined.
2014-07-14 13:20:51
^out dated in what way? The NYC lock was out when that article was written... it was one of the locks reviewed. If you are going to call something out-dated, at least suggest locks that are now available that weren't available at the time of testing. Besides, the information there-in is basically time-less if you ask me. Better locks may come along, but the info there is still well worth a read. The NYC is a good lock, but not keeping a bike outside over night is a better option (given the choice).
2014-07-15 01:42:25
I meant it was outdated because the theft in Pittsburgh is different now, than when that article was written. The lock the recommended isn't even a double lock, so they only need to cut it once. At least get a double sided lock, so they have to cut twice. Look at all the threads regarding bike theft and those are from just the people that know about this forum. How many thefts are happening in our area that aren't posted here? To each their own, but I would rather make it a little harder for the thief. Maybe they will move to another target if you have a lock that is a pain to cut twice.
2014-07-15 10:09:43
I'm with you on over-the-top locking... I just don't think that the advice in the article is out-dated. It also was not written for Pgh, so the recent spike doesn't cancel out the good info there in. I'm still not even sure that u-locks are being defeated in the burgh, or with any increased regularity. Looking through all the recent posts, I think only one had a u-lock and we don't even know which specific model it is. Walmart sells a u-lock, I have one that's 2x as strong as that. Yours is even better yet. Honestly, I don't even think the FAHGETTABOUDIT is enough if a bike is left out over night... there's a reason why cities with a bigger theft problem have an abundance of storage-lockers outside. I'm just saying that there are a lot of variables. Where you lock and when is equally as important as what lock you use. That was my point. Your lock is worth it, every penny, for peace of mind.
2014-07-15 13:07:08
We also have no evidence as far as I know of people cutting U-Locks of any quality. Until that evidence comes in, any U-Lock should be fine. Well, a keyed U-Lock... Can this U-Lock be attached without it actually being locked? I.E. it's put on, but still "unlocked" with the combination in place If it was cut, you figure there'd be lock residue on the porch, unless the thief is also tidy
2014-07-17 14:48:47
Joe I think I got your bike,,on last Sunday I left for a bike show to another state so i was gone for a week and just got in today and I just saw this post. On that Sunday I had someone bring in that looks like your bike ,I think its yours and I have a lot of info about it,,please call me ,412 716 4956 Craig
2014-07-21 12:19:40
If someone could let us know if this really is Joe's bike, that would be great. It would be good to get some feedback that stolen bikes are being recovered. I could also update the stolen bikes page. Craig, BTW, in case you weren't aware of it: there is a page where I've consolidated all the stolen bike reports. It is
2014-07-21 13:27:08
We have a match! I'm going to pick it up later today.
2014-07-21 13:51:30
Wow great news! I know Bicycle Heaven has lots of video in and around the shop, so hopefully we will also soon hear of an arrest too. Make sure the police understand the $ value of the bike, it might make a difference in what charges they can bring.
2014-07-21 14:01:14
OK yes its his bike, Jon the owner picked it up.I was able to give the police some good info we know who the guy is. I think just a matter of time before he gets picked up. I am at a lose the same as I paid for the bike when it came in but it is what it is as they say .Thats 2 bikes we found the other one was a Giant bike that was owned by someone who was visiting Pittsburgh and was brought in from the same guy ,,,,,,we don't buy bikes with out some kind of I.D or most inport they are on video most of the time and fill out a card with there finger prints on the card as well,,,its to bad for people that deal with older vintage bikes or used bikes like me have to go through all this and I just got back from a bike show away for a week come back to spend half my day working on this.I look over this site and another to look for photos of stolen bikes so when I see one that I think its a hit I turn it in or call the owner but I can only spend so much time on this so if you know a bike that's missing call me first thing that's the best as they try to pawn it off fast,,,,
2014-07-21 18:28:49
@bicycle heaven, that's a good point about the speed. I'll add a note to the web page. I understand that it's hard to keep track of all the stolen bikes that are out there -- I appreciate your taking the time to check.
2014-07-21 19:11:17
Bicycle Heaven, just out of curiosity, since you said you were at a "lose", did the owner of the returned stolen bike mentioned above give you any $$ for the returned bike? 'Cause that would have been the classy thing to do, since you did in fact buy the person's bike back for them. And I'm guessing you paid much less than retail replacement cost would be for that person. Also seems like it would make it much more likely that BH will continue to do this for people at his own effort and cost, and some degree of personal risk.
2014-07-22 13:33:01
I wonder if amount of money paid for the bike could be added to bike value in an way that total amount is applied when police charges the thieve?
2014-07-22 13:40:10
I'm not sure how it works for 2nd hand dealers, but I've read that in PA for pawnbrokers, the owner of the stolen item has to pay the pawnbroker the loan principle and must pursue/collect that amount from the thief.
2014-07-22 14:17:04
I was told the same that I could ask for the amount of what I paid, but when you have a nice guy like Jon who had his bike stolen and heart broken and did give me a 100 reward that was ok with me.I did paid 300.00 for the bike thinking I could sell it for 600.00 as it was a nice bike but as I said I think the good news was worth it .Jon did buy a few items and a very good u lock and heavy duty cable and I think we gained a good new customer,,all and all turned out good I think,,,new customer,,thief on the run,,a returned bike,,,
2014-07-22 16:02:50
This is really awesome to hear. Kuddos to bicycle heaven!
2014-07-22 18:25:53