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Best/Safest/Easiest Way from Panhandle Trail to Steubenville

Hello all, I'm a non-local riding from VA to Indiana and will be using the Montour and Panhandle Trails.  What is the best way as it relates to bridges, hills, road safety to get from the Panhandle to Steubenville. More than happy to get off the PH trail earlier or ride it through to the end, whatever is best. I'll be going through Steub. and camping on west side in Fernwood State Forest.   Thanks for any insights! David
2021-06-06 14:31:25
Here's a route I used to go west thru Steubenville. Around mile 50.75 on this route, Panhandle Trail ends but you can skirt a gate, bike a grassy overgrown road for a bit, then, emerge to a RR yard where you can walk your bike north along RR tracks to cross Harmon Creek (blue bridge - see satellite pictures) to reach Cove Rd. Around mile 52 you bike on the shoulder of Route 22 for about a mile and cross the Ohio River. That mile is stressful but brief. I found Coal Hill Rd to be a good bike route for climbing the hill out of Steubenville. The roads along Cross Creek, west of there, were very low traffic, though sometimes gravel. I enjoyed biking them.
2021-06-07 22:09:37
Thank you Paul. This is super helpful and the exact sort of detail I was looking for. I'm planning on doing a resupply at the super Walmart at the top of coal hill so this good to know its a safe road. Many thanks, David
2021-06-08 14:24:46