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Bike maintenance class

I'm a 63-y-o woman new to Pittsburgh excited to explore rail trails in PA. (There were almost none where we moved from.) Would like to take a basic bike maintenance class, but didn't have luck finding anything current via Google or searching this message board. (Looks like I may have missed something just this past weekend?) Maybe they're just not starting up yet post COVID? Would appreciate it if anyone has leads or info. Thanks.
2021-06-29 09:32:30
Welcome to Pittsburgh. Free Ride (a block or two north of Penn Ave, near where it leaves Pittsburgh for Wilkinsburg) used to have a 6 week course that I found very valuable.  I don't see anything scheduled, but if you watch their site. you might see the class come back. Free Ride Pittsburgh – Pittsburghs DIY Bicycle Collective ( Alternatively, you could take you bike to Free Ride or Kraynick's bike shop (on Penn in Bloomfield/Garfield/Lawrenceville  - dunno the boundaries) and just ask someone to help you tune up your bike, and ask a bunch of questions. I would hope there would be something better than these suggestions, for sure, but I know of nothing    
2021-06-29 14:41:28