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BikeFest 2015 - Submit your event!

BikeFest 2015 is almost here! August 21st - August 30th, we'll be celebrating the 11th BikeFest in BikePGH's history. Submit your event here: For the uninitiated, BikeFest is our annual celebration of all-things-cycling. This event is open to all* individuals and organizations that would like to organize a bike-themed event. You only have 10 days this year to fit in as many events as possible between our BikeFest Kick-Off Dance Party and 22nd anniversary of the region's largest bicycle ride: PedalPGH. Without you BikeFest would be impossible to put on year after year. BikePGH needs your help, creativity, and zany ideas to host the plethora of events to make BikeFest a success! Click this link to fill out the event form:
2015-07-28 09:46:32
Is there any way to see events already submitted? If I do decide to make an event, it would be nice to see which days don't have any events yet.
2015-08-02 19:53:48
This link at least has a list at the bottom of the page. I submitted an entry for Critical Mass and it's on there.
2015-08-02 20:58:21
"Dress like a Pirate Ride" YES!!!
2015-08-05 13:26:04
For those of us who tend to be detail oriented: This event is open to all* individuals and organizations The * qualifies "event" and not "all". So, in fact, everyone is indeed welcome. But it's the venue that has changed. Took me a while... and I had to go to the original web page to figure it out. Sigh.
2015-08-15 18:49:19
Just checked out the calendar for the next week. It looks awesome! An unqualified thank you to everyone who helped put this together!
2015-08-21 19:01:05
On the Dead Man's Hollow ride today (where I learned that the dead man had actually been a woman found hanging from a tree) we came back through Versailles and stopped to admire the assortment of vents and ventilators installed in people's yards. There was some ambiguity as to why they were needed (radon?). Being curious I consulted the interweb once I got back (to the nominal safety of my own) home. I found this excellent article by Anya Litvak (in the not-so-excellent Post-Gazette) that explains the history. Stranded methane gas in Versailles a century in the making You should read the article yourself, but here's a couple of bits that I particularly enjoyed: It is estimated that more than $30 million was sunk into developing the field and only $3 million in profits was realized. Several families near his childhood home ran pipes from their vent into their houses and cooked with the gas. Anyway, check it out.
2015-08-23 17:34:35
I also got to go on the "GTECH-Two Wheels Lots of Green" ride yesterday, starting and ending at the Wigle Distillery party space. GTECH supports neighborhood projects that (re)use neglected urban properties and create community spaces. For the most part these were gardens (except for Randyland, in a category by itself), but each with a different purpose (for moms to hang out, for teaching kids about plants, for sharing produce, removing an eyesore, some space for neighbors to just hang...) I thought I would snap pics, but got lazy. But the gtech people had a pro photog trailing after the riders, so expect them to put the stuff some place (well, other than in proposals). I like these rides; you always get to learn something about the city and the citizens that make it interesting. And that there's organizations that help it happen.
2015-08-23 20:13:11