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Bikes Stolen 2016

This thread is for reporting bikes stolen. Pittsburgh has been seeing a surge of bikes stolen lately, and we thought it deserved its own thread. When your bike is stolen, you should report it here and on the Wiki page. The Wiki is easier to search than a message board, and is looked at by a lot of people. So please take the time to make an entry there. Include these things in your report: 1) A description of your bike; 2) A photo of your bike; 3) When and where it was stolen; 4) How to reach you if someone sees it. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR BIKE’S SERIAL NUMBER IN YOUR REPORT! This is used by the police to verify that you actually own the bike, so you should keep it private. To upload a photo here, first post the picture somewhere, for example Google+, Flickr, or Instagram, and make it publicly visible. Copy the image URL, and include it in your post here, enclosed in an “img” tag (see the HTML tags below the edit window for the syntax). To edit the Wiki, you’ll need an account. PM me, @reddan, or @ted to get an account. Include your username and email. You can then edit the Wiki page directly. Look at the page for examples on how to structure your edits. Good luck on getting your bike back. People do recover their bikes here, so please post. If your bike hasn’t been stolen, please take a look at the Wiki and keep an eye out. You may make someone very happy! Keeping your bike safe: * You need a U-lock. A cable lock is not enough; a thief with a tool that can be carried in their pocket can cut the cable easily in seconds. See this video if you don’t believe this. * This thread has a lot of good background info. Love your bike, lock it right * There is also information on the Biking Pittsburgh Wiki on this: Tips and tricks * Keep your U-lock key on a helmet strap, if you don’t have a better place to put it. A U-lock is no good if you don’t have the key. * Every couple of months, oil the lock and make sure it works freely. * If you are concerned about someone swiping your bike off the front of a bus–which has happened–keep a short bungee cord handy to wrap around the wheel that’s on the driver’s side when mounting. A thief isn’t likely to notice this. * DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BIKE LOCKED ON YOUR PORCH! Many bikes were stolen from porches in 2015! Thieves are quite willing to go onto your porch late at night, cut through your lock or whatever it is attached to, and take your bike! Find a way to take your bike indoors at night.
2016-01-29 10:33:47
Adding the two bikes stolen already this year. I'll also put them on the wiki. So my (http://localhost/mb/users/jdm135/) bike was stolen this morning at 3379 Parkview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. I am located across the Boulevard of the Allies. My bike is a Black and Red 2013 KHS model. The bike was stolen from my front porch and has some obvious identifying features such as the sport rear fender pictured. Please text or call me at 724-699-4816 if you see my bike! Catalina’s Raleigh 2015 Detour 2.5, white size small with very cute woodpecker bell has been stolen! Contact Jane Kaminski (http://localhost/mb/users/skipdip/) at Bike Pittsburgh
2016-01-29 10:37:08
My road bike was stolen while locked on Sunday morning between 9:00 and 10:00 am, 1/31/2016, from the corner of 18th and Carson Street just out of sight from Delanie's Coffee Shop. It is a 2010 GMC Denali. It is a blue, 21-speed (3 X 7) road bike with recently installed Tektro brake levers and rear rack. It has the spoke magnet and wiring for a Cateye 7 cycling computer also. The handlebars were rececently retaped with blue tape and a bell was attached on the right side. A blue plastic water bottle holder is mounted on the downtube along with a mini pump mounting bracket. Various repair materials and tools were stolen with the seat pouch as well. A photo of the bike can be found at:
2016-02-01 21:10:32
My mountain bike was stolen at North Park (Pie Trainer) Saturday February 27th around noon. It was a Trek Top Fuel, White, Red and Black. Please let me know if you see it. A police report was filed with the Allegheny County Police who can be reached at 724-312-5846 or call/text me directly at 724-312-5846. Picture of the bike can be seen here:
2016-03-02 15:47:56
Recently seen: a back yard with a suspicious pile of bicycles, among them: Polaris Scrambler full susp mtn bike, black & red Rockslide purple kids’? bike Coyote? black hybrid? bike Roadmaster white & blue hardtail mtn bike Magna Glacier? red hybrid bike Schwinn Traverse red hardtail mtn bike and others Are any of these missing? If so, contact me and I can direct you to the location.
2016-03-03 17:57:19
My Brand new Specialized Crosstrail was stolen today from Carnegie Mellon's campus outside West Wing and Resnik today, 3/11/16. Those residence halls are not far from Forbes, Margaret Morrison ave, and Morewood Ave, between 8:30am and 1pm It has a brass bell, back rack and black fenders . Police report is filed-if anyone does happen to see it let me know ASAP, you can pm me or reply to this comment
2016-03-11 15:28:17
I had someone bring one by I think it was on the 10th but no fenders and seemed odd,,they would not give me I.D so I passed on it ,,A GRAY SILVER COLOR ,,,what color ? and was it on the 10th
2016-03-13 21:15:32
Bicycle Heaven-It is an all black frame with red lettering. I'm going to repost with a new link and added description: My Brand new Specialized Crosstrail was stolen today from Carnegie Mellon’s campus outside West Wing and Resnik today, 3/11/16. Those residence halls are not far from Forbes, Margaret Morrison ave, and Morewood Ave, between 8:30am and 1pm It is all black with some red lettering on the frame (Specialized) has a brass bell, back rack and black fenders . Police report is filed-if anyone does happen to see it let me know ASAP, you can pm me or reply to this comment
2016-03-15 17:16:27
Just before it was Performance. And it was fat bike too.
2016-03-18 11:11:25
They are all going to have to put up those metal gates behind their windows, like Dunham's in the Waterworks did. Sad.
2016-03-18 11:55:15
So Performance, Dirty Harry's and ProBikes have all had break-ins within the last month or so, and they all had fat bikes stolen. Hmm...
2016-03-18 12:56:37
Wonder why. What makes them so special to steal? Obviously the thieves know. I just bought a bike from Dirty Harry's today to show solidarity, but I can't afford any more at the other stores.
2016-03-18 15:34:16
Bicycle Heaven busted over 15 people just in the last year selling stolen bikes and went to court for the police to put a few of them in jail.My time and losing work and lots of money.I set up my own sting with video I.D. and paid for the bikes to get that done.The bikes got returned to the owners and some gave us some money back but most did not.It just takes so much work I don't know if I can keep that kind of lose going this year and with some people thinking that's the place stolen bikes go its just not worth it.B.H buys used bikes but you better have I.D. fill out the paper work and have you face on video,,,,or face the chance to go to jail,,,,,I think any bike shop should invest in the best video / inside and outside the shop like we do,,,,,,,, as seen in the New York Times
2016-03-18 20:29:05
"Wonder why. What makes them so special to steal? Obviously the thieves know." I have been riding in some sketchy areas for years and used to ride a pretty fancy fixed gear and NEVER had anyone even look at my bike, but as soon as I started riding a fat bike I get comments ALL the time and to be honest, I was more comfortable on my fixed than this fat bike as far as attention goes in the tougher neighborhoods. I have no idea why, but I am more cautious on my fat bike to be honest. This has been MY experience over years of cycling and over a year on a fat bike which I do enjoy riding. Nice and cushiony for my old bones.
2016-03-19 11:26:31
I guess the answer is profit margin from my internet search. Takes the same amount of time but the amount you can get for it whole or parts is higher. My uneducated guess is that fat tire bike thieves aren't doing this to get their heroin. Targeting bike stores is a higher risk than randomly stealing one off a rack. Probably a more involved ring. Thus I bet the bikes head out of state too or maybe stripped to parts and sold on eBay. Just a guess.
2016-03-19 20:04:00
I think if you were going to take the risk to break into a store to steal something to resell, you would take more than one bike. It's more likely that these bikes are being ridden by the thief who took them.
2016-03-19 20:28:56
I think Marko82 is right,,i don't think its for a resale,,i bet they are using the bike,,keep an eye out for it
2016-03-20 23:31:31
That's a really good point Marko. You're right. If you are running a ring you'd want to maximize profits and steal a poop ton for the effort. They're asshats no matter what.
2016-03-21 06:54:53
they need to put GPS systems on the bikes front row so they can be taken,,,,,,come on kids its that easy bait bikes
2016-03-21 20:49:17
Time to buy the retractable NYC security bars. Insurance will require something after two robberies in a very short period of time.
2016-03-22 10:11:50
A friend of mine saw her stolen bike on a craigslist ad, and the Zone 4 police helped her get it back in a sting on the seller. Turns out he had a few other bikes in his truck along with tools for breaking locks. One of them was a black Cannondale, red lettering, with straight bars, which I can post of picture of if someone can explain to me how to do that. For other folks with stolen bikes recently, you might want to check with Zone 4 to see if they have yours. Pretty great work from the Pittsburgh PD, they were really responsive and my friend had nothing but good things to say about her interaction with them.
2016-03-24 19:36:42
Bicycle Heaven busted over 15 people just in the last year selling stolen bikes and went to court for the police to put a few of them in jail. ... I set up my own sting with video I.D. and paid for the bikes to get that done.
Perhaps you could setup a fund for people to donate to the cause. I'd certainly throw in a few $$ for that. Keep up the good work if you're able.
2016-03-29 13:02:37
Thank you,,i thought about that and talked to many people about it,The police more or less said don't even think about it. A bait bike would be so easy to set up but the police dont want to do it,,,Think about it you set up a bike someone takes it then what,,you cant take him down hurt the guy ,,the good guy ends up in jail,,,,In the summer I would get at least 2 bikes a week that someone wanted to sell us a stolen bike,,,yes that many.I just turn them down and off they go,but I think about how many people who could get busted .
2016-03-29 21:53:04
This is small potatoes crimes for them, unfortunately.
2016-03-30 06:32:58
I don't find that surprising considering that the Pittsburgh police department is having difficulty hiring enough officers right now.
2016-03-30 07:16:51
I just had my novara flyby stolen from my car that was parked in my driveway. i live at 202 edmond street in the Bloomfield area. it most likely occurred between 5pm and 1am on 4/19/16 it is a white fold-able bike with a rack and fenders. the front reflector has been broken off. please let me know if you have any info. a police report has been filed and i have contacted many of the shops in Pittsburgh as well my email is Thanks forrest
2016-04-20 15:21:20
My gold 2008 Bianchi Volpe was stolen from my back patio in Shadyside. It happened as early as Wednesday, April 27, but most likely within the last 24 hours. I posted a picture of it on Instagram, and I will file a police report momentarily.
2016-04-30 16:41:39
Bike Stolen, believed to be on 5/12/2016, realized it on 5/13 (Friday the 13th of course). Orange GT Karakoram from the 90s. Faded Karakoram sticker along the side. Stolen from 24th street in the strip district. Please let me know if anyone has any information. Just filed a police report. Can reach me at 814-418-5185 Thanks.
2016-05-13 17:34:32
$300 REWARD 1984 SCHWINN SUPER LE TOUR, GRAY Now that it is warm and people are out on their bikes, I am hoping someone spots my unique 1984 Schwinn that was stolen from my garage in Oct 2015. It is gray. It was my bike for over 30 years. Still hoping to get it back. Please let me know if you see it. Any information would be helpful. Thanks. Rose 412-897-0276 cell/text.
2016-05-27 21:15:55
A photo would be helpful, even if you had to google search a pic of one that looks similar. Good luck!
2016-05-31 12:17:39
...and how you post a photo is you post the photo someplace else, then link it here. * less-than sign * IMG SRC=" * the complete URL to the photo, starting with http and ending with .jpg or .png * " * greater-than sign Or, if you are Twitter-enabled, tweet the photo, then grab the link to the tweet, and paste it here.
2016-05-31 17:25:05
I found this on the sidewalk outside my house on Brighton in BH tonight. Anyone recognize it?
2016-06-07 23:54:03
No pedals???? That's a head scratcher, I mean how did it get there...
2016-06-08 07:28:26
Bike stolen last night in Lawrenceville (6/8) , it's a matte black trek crossrip, with metallic blue hubs. 56 cm. it was taken from the corner of butler street and Stanton, if anyone can keep and eye out for it is appreciate it. Thanks! Listed as stolen on FB bike sale site, reposting here for information. I have suggested that FB OP add contact information here, so further details may become available.
2016-06-10 07:21:30
Chopper bike stolen from the Bicycle Heaven parking lot. Video of the theft had been taken from B.H and the Guard in the parking lot saw the take down.The bike was returned the next day to the owner by the police and the jerk that stole the bike lived in the same block as the owner lol but never knew that ast the time.,,,,,Three guys came in the shop asking about buying a bike and when they left the one jerk stole the bike,,bad news for them as when one of them bought a used bike and we took his I.D. and his address,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Its safe at Heaven we have a guard and good video every place in and out of the building,,,,,just thought you would like to know not all get away taking bikes.,,,,,the owner / police will take him to court.
2016-06-17 23:43:59
2016 Novara Forza stolen from Dithridge street parking garage near the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon on 6-21-2016. Very large bike with hydraulic disc breaks. I'm offering a $75 dollar reward if it is returned. Contact me at 4404295093. Picture at:
2016-06-21 19:37:18
Hello, my name is Kristofer Phillips, and i am new to Pittsburgh. I locked my Matte black, 29? SE Racing “Big Ripper” behind the T station at the bike rental hub at the beginning of the Eliza trail last night. This morning, the lock had been cut and it was gone. Pgh Police office Mulzet is the guy i filed the report with, 412-255-2827 Case# 16-119101 I’m sure the decals may be taken off but the forks have stickers that read “Landing Gear” and “Big Ripper” on the tear drop down tube. My bike is a single speed with smaller bmx style handle bars with both front and rear handbrakes. Vans shoe stickers as well as some others, and black and silver bear trap pedals. Thank you for kerping an eye out and my cell # is 814-271-9976. Thank you.
2016-06-27 18:09:55
STOLEN BICYCLE, PLEASE HELP ME FIND! Taken while locked up in front of my house on the edge of PGH/Wilkinsburg. Blue Rivendell Clem Smith Jr, bullmoose bars, brown leather anatomica saddle, small front rack w/ basket (not the large black rack in pictures). Very unique looking bike w/ curved seat stays. Any help would be appreciated! Ian Morrison 510/689-6181
2016-07-08 07:43:23
^that should be easy to spot. good luck, we'll keep an eye out for it.
2016-07-08 10:35:17
My bike was stolen on CMU campus...07/08/16 It was locked up at a bike rack in CMU. Ridley X-Fire Disc, black frame with the white handlebar, tape, stem, fork, Reynolds Assault SLG wheelset with tubular tires. Any help would be appreciated. Kai 412.979.0338
2016-07-08 19:29:25
Grr. The one thread I did not want to ever be posting on... My bike was stolen from our garage, likely midday today. We live in Squirrel Hill. Here is the bike: Specialized Sirrus Comp 2013. Charcoal Grey. [serial# not listed, per 1st post] - clipless pedals - fenders and rack; rack had a pannier, red bungie cord - "Pro Bikes" translucent water bottle - bar is missing stoppers from the ends - spots on the rack where the pannier attaches are very well worn - wireless computer, "Specialized" brand - rear tire is new; front tire is old, worn smooth - SRAM X5, chain cleaned just last week Anyway, it's reported to the police. Case: 16-132253 One of the officers was a cyclist; some advices: - register your (stolen) bike at - check Craig's; if you see you bike call police; they'll do a sting. - If you happen to see your bike being ridden, snap a pic if you can; report to 911. Don't try to deal with it on your own. - fat bikes are currently really high on the list for thieves I had to retrieve my serial# from the shop (SqHill Pro Bikes). The manager indicated that stolen bike info is actively shared among shops. So if you bought yours new locally, let them know.
2016-07-16 17:17:41
hey y'all. Just 4yinz'fo- I was just walking by the pawn shop on the northside (corner of Federal St. & Parkhurst, by the jitney stop next to the Allegheny Library). There was a U-haul outside, and about 6 guys were HUSTLING a whole lot of bikes from inside a back room within the store, into the U-haul, bucket brigade style. I'm not about to profile, or make false claims, but given the confirmed sketchy shit that goes down at that place, constant police incidents, etc., I couldn't help but observe for a second. They were loading only bikes. And nice bikes too. Not just some dumps they found in a bush somewhere. Most importantly though, a good 75% of the bikes had no front tires. Lending the thought that they may have been acquired unlawfully. Whether it's a "ring" of some sorts, or just the pawn shop owner selling in bulk to people, not sure. But I watched probably 50-70 bikes load in total, til the thing was packed. I didn't take down the U-haul plate # or anything, given no actual crime. But if you're missing a bike, you may want to take a trip up there and sniff around. This is getting really snoody, but if you've already filed a police report, you could always file a FOIA request for video footage of the municipal camera that is directly above the doorway on the light pole. May take a long ass time, but just a thought... good luck
2016-07-17 14:05:04
Yo bro rebus: not totally sure exactly where you're at, but did you call this one in to 911? It's a "tip". They actually pay attention and all of us benefit. If there's nothing to it, there's nothing to it and life goes on. BTW: Now would be a really great opportunity for someone from the law enforcement community to perk up and tell us that, yes! we do scan the biking message boards. Especially for stuff like this. Please?
2016-07-17 15:42:47
didn't call it in. I'm not really one to practice McCarthyism.
2016-07-17 15:46:30
Well, that's convenient, isn't it? McCarthy has to do with ('50s) right-wing politics. We're talking about simple theft. Today. I paid for for my bike out of my own wages and I use(d) it for getting to my job, on a daily basis. Your thief robbed me of my ability to get to my job. Yes, do tell me that I can always walk. [ok like every other bike person, I have some 2nd bike that, this morning, I (finally) had to fix; but you didn't know that, did you?]. And that you're so principled to certainly not report anything, because... why? Who the fuck are you to blow off your social responsibilities citing all that feeble, sanctimonious yadda yadda? Grow up already.
2016-07-17 17:12:20
I'm looking at The Clem Smith Rivendell locked to a pole in Polish hill right now .owner called and voicemail left
2016-07-17 18:16:35
Annoying repost: Now would be a really great opportunity for someone from the law enforcement community to perk up and tell us that, yes! we do scan the biking message boards. Especially for stuff like this. Please?
2016-07-17 18:30:01
Ok, Ian the Clem owner says it was recovered recently. (Interesting conversation as two Sheriffs descended upon us!) Very glad to hear a Rivendell owner didn't ultimately lose his bike.
2016-07-17 19:57:54
@alhir - you say "grow up", yet you're the one name-calling on an internet message board...? practice what you preach. I was just trying to give a tip for the next guy. if you take the time to look back, there are other posts all over this site similar in nature to my own. sorry your bike got jacked dude. but spewing your mortal rage on peers is an undignified move, and won't get you anywhere in life. ~~~vibes~~~
2016-07-17 22:01:00
@bro: I didn't actually call you a name. I merely commented on your behavior. So, what do we do about your sighting?
2016-07-17 22:07:27
@RustyRed, Any idea how the owner of the Clem recovered it?
2016-07-17 22:19:10
I think it is ok to call 911 and give a tip. It isn't your job to device whether something is a crime or not before reporting it. The police Dan choose whether to act on the tip, and, of they do, to make decisions about how to proceed. If they investigate and there wasn't a crime involved the police apologize and everyone moves on. This is why we have police, courts, etc.
2016-07-17 23:41:56
"Any idea how the owner of the Clem recovered it?" He said a friend found it unlocked in front of a frat house in Oakland.
2016-07-18 00:44:41
My 2014 Masi Cyclocross single speed was stole yesterday (7/17/16) out of my garage in highland park (near Obama high school). A picture can be seen at the site below. Please contact me with any information at 412-759-3377...thank you!
2016-07-18 16:03:15
My Clem posted above was indeed recovered after 1 week missing, found in front of a CMU frat house at Forbes and Devon.
2016-07-18 16:09:24
General Bike theft question: Is seat theft prevalent? Just picked up a brooks cambium and I'm wondering if I should chain it to the frame. I lock up my bike overnight near the east busway and haven't noticed any parted out bikes locked up.
2016-07-19 10:10:16
@Neilnorb3 any identifying marks, stickers, lights, racks, etc.? Lots of Masi CX singlespeeds around town. @rbhays if you're worried about it, I would get a locking seat post collar & skewers, especially if you're leaving it out overnight (assuming you already have a solid, i.e. not cable, lock).
2016-07-19 10:13:35
No specific markings on the Masi cyclocross ss. Looking back I wish I would have put something on it....
2016-07-20 20:24:16
Thanks Rusty, I was going to post as well. Owner is a cool person and we were just talking about planning a bike ride for a community we're part of
2016-07-24 19:58:11
Just came from a vacation that included Vancouver. There is an active police run bait bike program and they give out stickers for your bike that read "is this a bait bike?". No idea if it actually deters theft but something to think about.
2016-07-28 17:09:53
FRIEND'S BICYCLE STOLEN, PLEASE HELP. Taken from back porch in Sq Hill/Point Breeze area. Black GT Zum with a rear rack (not shown in this photo). Bell on front. Police report has been made and the serial number is known. If you see this any help would be appreciated! GTZum Please contact me via DM or call/text 412-228-7227.
2016-07-31 20:43:09
Stolen last night in Point Breeze: Novara Barrow, green, ladies frame, with large front rack. Looks just like this one: If seen, please contact Steve, 412-352-8051, Thanks.
2016-08-10 08:55:25
Chain saved my bike at my Shadyside apartment sometime this week. Wasn't even chained to the rack, just to a cable loop, and I know they had cable cutters because they cut another guy's loose. Didn't want to bother filing it off before resale, I guess. They did manage to notch the steel with their yanking, though. And they stole my pump. Hopefully the other guy posts here.
2016-08-11 11:55:40
There are a lot of bike thefts happening (not all of them make it here). I wish there was a way to get bike owners info on how to keep their bike from being stolen BEFORE it happens. I doubt most people come here until after they've lost a bike. But, in case you haven't had your bike stolen yet, PLEASE: Wherever you store your bike, lock it TO something. Something metal, and secure. Use a U-lock; do not rely on a cable lock. What seems to be happening is, the thieves are riding cheap bikes through affluent neighborhoods, looking for unattended bikes in garages and on porches and the like. They take the good bikes, and leave theirs behind. People are finding abandoned cheap bikes in alleys and so on. PLEASE lock your bike TO something, even if it's in your garage. You can install an eyebolt in the wall of your garage and lock your bike to it. If it's in a common area of your apartment building, find a way to secure it to something. It's really necessary. And, ideally, take your bike indoors at night. Don't leave it on your porch. One other thing: these bikes are going somewhere, probably a pawn shop that buys them and resells them (maybe shipping outside the area). If you see evidence of this, please contact the Pittsburgh police. They will investigate, and shut down this channel. We've seen this before: when the purchase channel is closed down, bike theft declines dramatically. Please help.
2016-08-11 12:14:06
Bike stolen: Sq Hill North Stolen from detached garage near Solway St. at Murray Ave. Blue/silver Schwinn hybrid.  No pix, but bike has distinctive accessories:  straight handlebars (w/ extra bar-ends, "T"-extender w/ mounting for phone case, and empty Sigma computer socket), Topeak rear rack (no bag was on rack), Wahoo speed/cadence sensor on chain-stay, "split" (a/k/a urologist-approved) saddle, pedals w/ toe clips and shoe-clamps on either side. Bike went missing between Thurs (8/11) mid-morning and Sat (8/13) mid-morning.
2016-08-13 12:01:46
  Do you know that existing laws actually HINDER Pgh police investigations of stolen bikes? Nope. Me neither… But, sadly, it’s true. Conclusion: The only way to help fight bike thieves is to change the existing laws. Overview: If you report a stolen bicycle to the police—providing the very importantserial number—this number gets entered into a digital police report. On the surface, this is good, right?  The problem is that NOBODY can check this number if the bike is being sold by the thief — not bike dealers, not pawn shops, or consumers buying bikes from Craigslist! Sounds pretty dumb. This can’t be true, is it?  Well, read the following and decide for yourself. Yesterday, this current inadequate legal framework was confirmed by (the very nice, but equally flummoxed) Detective Sanchioli (City of Pittsburgh Police, Zone 4, Burglary Division). Apparently, and unless the City of Pittsburgh Police are badly mistaken, allowing stolen bicycle serial numbers to be searched by non-police (even registered bike dealers and pawn shops) is currently not possible because it is some kind of “privacy violation” in Pennsylvania. What this means to bicyclists: Any used bike you buy off Craigslist could be stolen. Even a bike shop buying a used bike could be buying a stolen bike—even if these bikes were reported to the police! There is simply no way to know if you don’t see a receipt showing proof of purchase. Here’s where things get even crazier, illustrating how existing laws actually AID and ENCOURAGE bike thieves. Say your intrepid thief sells the bike to a pawn shop. Existing laws require pawn shops to request and record photo id, name, and address of the seller— AND to file a report that only the police can see. Sounds good so far. However, not only is the pawn shop unable to see serial numbers of stolen bikes reported to the police, pawn shops are not required by law to list the serial number in their report. (What exactly this database looks like, I have no idea since I don’t have access. Anecdotally, I was told by a pawn shop that they simply give a basic description of the bike, such as the brand and color.) The pawn shop can then immediately sell the bike (no review or approval by the police is needed or performed). If the buyer pays in cash, there is absolutely no record of who (unwittingly) purchased your stolen bike. If the buyer uses a credit card, you may have a chance of finding a record. So… somehow (with a generous helping of unicorns and rainbows) City Detectives are expected to read and memorize all the reports from pawn shops AND all the police reports. Then something in the pawn shop report is supposed to mentally trigger a match between police reports (with serial numbers) and pawn shop reports (with brand and color). In short, despite having a database and required reporting for pawn shops, there is NO WAY to digitally search for a match, either by the police or by pawn shops. Am I the only one who thinks the lack of digital search capability for serial numbers seems crazy in this day and age? Add to this that in Pittsburgh, there is only ONE detective per zone (of which there are six zones for the entire city) that will be in charge of making this magical connection (depending on whether it was a vehicular theft, or a break-in to your house). Cliff’s Notes about My Stolen Bikes: Two very nice mountain bikes were stolen from my LOCKED roof rack (Yay, Thule!) on Christmas Eve, 2015. (Joy to the World, right?). Police were notified and a report was filed, with serial numbers. No recovery, however. Yesterday, a FANTASTIC bicycling friend of mine (whose name I would shout out here, but won’t without their approval), FOUND my wife’s bike on Craigslist!  Yes, EIGHT months after it was stolen. It was posted by a pawn shop, for sale. I contacted police for instructions and was told to go there and verify it was mine and they would come to retrieve it with me. Luckily, the bike was indeed my wife’s (and the serial number matched the police report and my purchase receipt—which is the only way to really know). The police came down and it turns out that the pawn shop did their due-diligence and reported the bike to the police, not once, but twice. No response from the police that this was stolen. They (reasonably) thought the bike was clean. That said, the pawn shop did have records on the seller (who will be issued a warrant for their arrest!), as they were required to do. All legitimate on their end. Sadly,  rather than simply pick up the bike, I had to purchase the bike from them for the amount they paid the thief…. such is the law. (In truth, I was very nervous about how all this would go down, suspecting something shady; however, I ended up very impressed with this pawn shop—and they were nice people, too. Even the police told me these folks were great). It turns out that the same thief ALSO sold the other stolen bike (mine) to the same pawn shop back in January, a month or less after it was stolen. The pawn shop filed two reports, as is their habit for items that they suspect might have been stolen. No response from the police for that one either. My bike was then sold to someone who paid cash; thus, the pawn shop has no record of the buyer. I will likely never see this bike again, and if I do, some poor sap will have to give up a stolen bike that they thought was legitimately purchased. Summary: the police missed two different opportunities to identify bikes being reported to them by a pawn shop. One was recovered because a friend was on their toes; the other will likely never be recovered now, even though it easily could have been. So, what’s a better solution? Good ideas are welcomed here—especially given that the current laws don’t seem to help consumers much; and, as in my case, can actually make recovery even harder, if not downright impossible. It seems that the simplest solutions might include: Item 1: The police would have a publicly available website where ANYONE could search for stolen bikes. Enter the serial number and the answer would display “Stolen bicycle” with a button to contact the police, or “No theft reported”. This is similar to the website that consumers can use. (I register our bikes there, but pawnshops aren’t required to search this). Item 2: Allow pawnshops to search the police database of stolen serial numbers, or if Item #1 is done, require pawnshops to use this method. Item 3: Failing either method is to put a little power in the consumer’s hand (you know, the person who is highly motivated to find their bikes). Require pawnshops to also search, in addition to filing their generic report to the police, in case a bike owner has registered their theft on a publicly searchable database. (If any of the above is factually incorrect, I apologize in advance. Please let me know and I’ll endeavor to correct it!)
2016-08-17 09:19:51 My bike was stolen from the locked storage locker in the basement of our apartment building. Someone cut the lock off the unit and took the bike sometime in the last week of August. It is a 2007 women’s Specialized Sirrus Hybrid in almost perfect condition. It is blue with white hawaiian flower decals on the frame. At the time it was stolen it had a water bottle holder, a Specialized brand bag under the seat, and a Cateye brand speedometer attached. The pictures are stock photos of the model, but it is accurate except for the after-market features. I would really appreciate any help in recovering my bike. If you have information, please call or text 716-480-7993.
2016-09-08 22:45:04
Specialized Bike Stolen on the Northside Last Tuesday (9/6/16) at 10:30am my bike was stolen from the Warhol Museum on the Northside. The bike was a black 2016 Specialized Crosstrail Disc, and had only been on the road for a month when they cut the lock and rode off. The serial number ends 415L. It was a great commuter, and I really miss it every day I ride the bus to work. Any info please call or text 412-251-4142
2016-09-11 15:57:43
Late 1970s/early 1980s Peugeot stolen from my apartment in the Point Breeze/Wilkinsburg area.  The bike has a black and white Nashbar seat, black bottle cage, black Tektro brake levers, silver Tektro brake calipers, black and silver Shimano derailleur,  and a Shimano mega-range freewheel.  The bike no longer has the rear rack and fenders that are shown in the image.  The bike also has two bands of red reflective tape added to the handlebars and seat post since the image was taken.  See image of the bike here: If seen, please contact Andrew at 717-503-6299. Thanks.
2016-09-18 04:34:52
2014 Orange Jamis Coda Sport stolen from Panama Way in Bloomfield between 10:30PM on 9/22 and 8:30AM on 9/23. There was a Blue October sticker on the seat stay. Front brakes needed fixed, had some gold duct tape on it to keep it in place temporarily. Also, had a front light that had gold duct tape on it to keep in place.
2016-09-23 09:10:56
If seen, contact Ben 585-478-9062
2016-09-23 13:38:01
Stolen from Kim's Oakland garage: Extra Small Cellini, medium-gray with orange-red trim.
2016-10-03 08:43:18
From the GAP mailing list, here is a post from Craislist: Stolen fuji On September 24th my uncle stole a bike from the Greater Allegheny Passage downtown. It's a black Fuji and it looks expensive. If this is your bike please contact me via email, I will be turning it into the police though I am told it will just sit in a room. Craigslist
2016-10-03 13:44:28
Saw a possibly stolen bike downtown around 5pm. Orangish red Cannondale mtb with disc brakes. Dm for more information
2016-10-03 17:45:22
Thursday September 29th my commuter bike was stolen from my truck in Millvale Riverfront Park sometime during the day. It was a Montagna mountain bike. I have been looking for a photo of it but cant find one. It was a light green/blue neon frame with white handle bars (with extenders). It had front and rear fenders. The front fender was not the full length because it had broken. There is a registration sticker on the frame from 1988-89? from the University of Colorado-Boulder.
2016-10-05 13:47:05
My weeks-old medium black and red Cannondale commuter bike was stolen from the inside hallway of my locked apartment building on Mifflin Ave in Regent Square/Wilkinsburg, near Biddle's Escape. The combination lock was busted open. It was taken today, Wed 10/5/16, between 4pm and 10:30pm. The only differences since I took the photo are a black bottle cage and small scratches on the handlebar near the left shifter, plus a few weeks of city wear. I am filing a police report as well. Any help would be appreciated!
2016-10-05 23:11:37
In case you haven't considered it, if you have renter's insurance, this may be covered minus your deductible; or possibly under the buildings owner insurance since it was in the hallway. Also, if it was purchased using a credit card, it may be covered under a protection well as any extras included on your bike
2016-10-06 00:37:03
Two more bikes stolen from Mifflin Ave. / Regent Square.  Probably stolen Tues or Wed. 1)  Blue woman's Cannondale with tear in the seat and a satchel on the back.  (Kind of an old lady bike.  It was perfect for me.) 2) Silver men's specialized. We also reported to police.  Probably valued less than our insurance deductible. Another neighbor reported yet another Canondale stolen from the garage last month, too.  
2016-10-07 20:09:26
Stolen black Surly Straggler with brown Brooks saddle yesterday in Oakland. I've seen this bike a few times and noticed they were using a $5 cable lock.
2016-10-28 10:11:23
Thanks for posting, Hubster. I really appreciate the help. This is my first new bike. It got stolen before I could make the switch from the cable lock to a new U-lock :( Please let me know if you see anything!
2016-10-28 14:56:12
That's rough. If you have homeowner's/renters insurance look up your coverage, they may offer reimbursement. Or if you used a credit card for the purchase they may also provide reimbursement coverage. I frequent that bike parking area and there have been a number of stolen bikes over the years  (all with cable locks as well). I even had a saddle bag stolen myself. I would definitely recommend a u-lock or chain lock to secure the frame and a wheel to the rack, another cable for the second wheel, and a seat leash or non-quick release seat post bolt and take any easily removed accessories such as lights and saddle bags with you. I wish you good luck in getting your bike back. I will definitely let you know if I see anything.
2016-10-28 16:41:24
If it's the garage by Presby I saw the flier there too, and checked here to report it.  I noticed you say other bikes have been stolen there; have they been reported to the campus police?
2016-11-01 12:07:29
Bike stolen at Friendship Ave. and Negley from my porch, someone cut the lock. Vintage racing Bianchi, really noticeable teal seat and handlebars. If you see it, please call 843-906-5716. Thanks so much.
2016-11-05 14:17:04
  1. Black Trek fx1. 10 days old... I had a rear fender, but that was easily removable.
  2. This isn't my bike but it looked basically identical to this (except a SLIGHTLY different saddle, I think and without a water bottle holder): 
  3. It was stolen Nov. 8 (election day...) between the work hours of 8:45 am - 4:30 pm from a bike rack on CMU campus (specifically outside of baker hall on the green side, not the side that faces frew street)
  4. Contact me if you have any questions or info!  302.740.0363
2016-11-09 15:01:08
Bike stolen from garage at 121 S. Highland Ave. Noticed bike was gone at 8:45 pm on November 27. I was gone for thanksgiving break but i believe it was stolen between November 23 to the 27. It is a 2013 Trek 1.5 H2 compact road bike. Main frame color is white with blue accents. Please let me know if you have any information. You can reach me at or 610-551-5987.
2016-11-28 14:47:24
I had a bike (2007 gold Bianchi Volpe) stolen from the area earlier this year. Bummer, right?! Anyways, I noticed there are two security cameras on South Highland that seem to be property of the 121 building. I'd recommend checking with management to see if they could either share the footage with you or review it themselves. Otherwise, if you file a police report, they should have the authority to obtain any pertinent security footage for you. I think there's a good chance the thief would have ridden past these cameras on your bike. Good luck and keep us posted!
2016-11-28 15:39:34
My roommate's bike was stolen from Morewood Ave near Center Ave last night sometime after 10:30 PM, discovered missing this morning (11/29) around 9 AM. It is a purple Giant bike, had a small headlight and taillight as well as a water bottle holder. Please contact me directly if you see it! Erica Stevens \\ 412-918-9574 \\ Purple Giant bike stolen on Morewood Ave near Center Ave. Contact Erica Stevens at 412-918-9574 or Purple Giant bike stolen on Morewood Ave near Center Ave. Contact Erica Stevens at 412-918-9574 or
2016-11-29 20:47:06
Stolen: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2258"] 1989 Peugeot Versailles Road Bike[/caption] Teal with orange/red/yellow stripes Orange soma seat. Grey handlebar tape and new black wheels (not pictured) LAST SEEN LOCKED UP WITH A CABLE TO ANOTHER BIKE BEHIND THE ALLEGHENY COUNTY JAIL ON THE BIKE TRAIL 3/20 AT 7:15PM DISAPPEARED BY 3/20 AT 10:30PM thanks for your help! my email is
2017-03-24 09:46:53
Bike stolen off front porch by the corner of Forbes and Wightman in Squirrel Hill sometime between 7-9pm on 21 August 2017. It is a  2016 Cannondale Trail 4, dark grey in color, large frame. No fenders, 29" wheels.  It is quite new and does not have many distinguishing scratches--does have some slight ones between the handlebars where my lock chafed at the surface. Please let me know if you have any information! You can reach me at  moonrise55 (at)
2017-08-22 13:19:14
Edit: 27.5" wheels Photo:
2017-08-23 09:52:01
I was hungry because I forgot to eat breakfast, but then the SPAM posted by @MarthaSipe above filled me up with a meaty goodness.
2017-08-28 08:56:44
Not a bike, but I had a saddlebag(Axiom) with my kids helmet(green giro scamp) and a few odd tools and other items as well as my headlight stolen (Cygolite 400) while at work yesterday.  Co-worker had his headlight and electronic horn stolen. We work downtown on Ross St and lock our bikes outside in a parking lot, but it is also has heavy traffic by smokers who just hang out.  This is the first time something has been taken in the 2-3 years I have been parking there. Can anyone thing of neaby pawn shops where someone might try to unload the items?
2017-09-13 09:27:11
If your bike has been stolen (or you want to help somebody find there's) check out Wolfpack Electronics. They're back to their old habits, at their new location on Craig St.
2017-10-21 11:40:07
A friend of mine found this.  If you have the key to this lock on the rack or can prove its yours some other way,  contact me at
2017-11-11 16:34:31