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Biking from Northside to Northern Ross township

I'm cross-posting this here since my Perrysville Ave. post keeps getting ignored despite repeated bumping to the top.   Would following the 17 Shadeland bus route, but instead of veering off Brighton Rd to Shadeland Ave., turn right onto Bascom Ave. to rejoin the route at Connie Dr.. be a better way to get to northern Ross? From Children’s Way: Straight onto Ridge Ave. R. onto W. Ohio St. R. onto Brighton Rd. R. onto Bascom Ave. L. onto York Dr. R. onto Jacks Run Rd. L. onto Connie Dr. R. to stay on Connie Dr. L. onto Perrysville Ave. R. onto Center Ave. R. Perry Hwy. Would this be any better than just climbing Perrysville Ave. from the lower intersection with Federal St. or taking East St. to Perrysville Ave. near Perry H.S.?
2018-06-15 02:05:42
I'd bet most folks from the neighborhood would say the East St route is definitely the best bet of those.
2018-06-15 09:01:54
Alternatively, just take Brighton to woods run, climb up through Riverview park via Riverview Ave to Perrysville, and make a left on to Perrysville. It's probably one of the more pleasant ways to climb. Heck, you could just take the north shore trail to mcclure to woods run instead of brighton if you want less climbing on Brighton. I also really like the east street route and use it reguarly. Though I'm not sure what the state of that is due to the construction of 279 currently. Of course, I have no idea of the context of which streets/route you're concerned with avoiding...
2018-06-15 09:45:06
We're talking about my commute. East to East to Perrysville to Perry to Center to Perry. There is no other reasonable alternative, northbound. I have done this trip a thousand times in some fashion, not exaggerating.
2018-06-15 14:12:03
@Benzo, East St. north of Mt. Pleasant Rd. is not pleasant at all. There is a concrete median between the overpass and Venture St. which makes it impossible for cars to pass. I also received no less that three illegal passes ala Darlene Harris yesterday in the 15 MPH zone when I was going about 15.5-16 MPH already. Passing a bicycle by crossing the double yellow line moving its moving at or slightly above the speed limit is illegal at all times. I will upload video once I get it processed.
2018-06-15 15:28:17
You take the lane. Even if you get horns.
2018-06-15 15:36:12
I don't want to get shot at or crushed by a 3000 pound chunk of steel. I also don't need any bottles thrown at me.
2018-06-15 15:51:20
Cars can indeed legally cross the yellow line to pass a bike on a two-lane road, if it is visibly safe to do so. Same as it is legal to cross the yellow line to drive around a downed tree blocking the lane, if it is visibly safe to do so.  If you cannot see to safely pass, you get in line behind the cyclist until you can safely pass. Get plate #s of any motorist who gives you trouble. File a police report if necessary, and charges, if called for.
2018-06-15 17:25:13
@Stu, I was already exceeding the speed limit.
2018-06-15 18:29:10
So was I when Darlene came up behind me, 23 in a 15; I even said that on my video. That's unimportant. What matters is that you encountered an impatient motorist. Sorry, that's their problem, not yours. Can you be more specific about where in this video the problem took place? It's a half hour long. I can't watch the whole thing. But I can tell you there is one specific individual who lives in that neighborhood. I have a plate number, a name, and a City of Pittsburgh police CCR # from when I ran into him the first time. If this is that same guy, I suggest we jointly go to the police and press a harassment charge. I've run into him on both East and Perrysville.
2018-06-16 21:29:15
@Stu, I have the video cued to 13:25. The problem occurs just after I slow down for the 15 MPH zone at 13:44 as there were three consecutive thread the needle passes. I was going at least 15 MPH as it happened. Also can't the put a stop sign at the end of the ramp from 279 onto northbound McKnight Rd. like the one on East St. at the end of the dogleg across 279? It seems to work here.
2018-06-20 10:15:30
To the stop sign idea, just never mind. There already is a yield sign there, telling drivers exiting mainline 279 to yield to anyone exiting the HOV lane. Result? Cars routinely exceeding 60 mph as they hit McKnight. I looked at the video. Except for the first car, they gave you plenty of space. The first one managed an in-lane pass, which isn’t cool. It was not the same car as the one that gave me trouble, and not Darlene, either. Speed: Ambient traffic speed in the 15 zone is 35. Always is. Anticipate that. I speak from driving both a car and a motorcycle through there often, as well as cycling. Maybe someday we will get speed cameras. Maybe.
2018-06-21 19:25:05
@Stu, Then, would putting rumble strips across the lane and a traffic light work to slow traffic down. Also why drive so fast if they are going to have to stop for a traffic light 1/2 mile from the ramp plus att the crosswalks? I think you should mention this to Walk+Bike Ross.
2018-06-21 19:37:25