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Biking on the Montour Trail to the Airport

Hello! I may have an opportunity to bike from Coraopolis to the Pittsburgh airport since I’ll only be taking a ‘personal item-bag’ on my trip. I am super excited about this idea and would love to do it, but I wanted some tips before I try it the day of my flight and maybe end up in some not so ideal situations haha. Has anyone ever done this? Please tell me about your experience!!! I would need to lock and leave my bike near the airport, is there a place I can safetly leave it? How dangerous and hilly are the roads off the Montour Trail? (I’d be biking in daylight.) Thanks thanks thanks!
2019-08-21 00:10:16
I'm 99 percent sure there is a bike rack at the very end of the moving walkway that dumps you off in the middle of the long term parking lot. And it's uncovered. I also think there is covered parking in the short term garage. Here's an old bike pgh thread related to this. http://localhost/message-board/topic/cycling-to-the-airport-from-downtown/ I'd also call the airport directly to confirm bike parking.
2019-08-21 06:40:32
Indeed, there is a bike rack at the end of the terminal access walkway. It's uncovered, but I seriously doubt something is going to happen your bike while it's there. As for the roads to get there from Coraopolis, the Montour trail and the airport connector are safe. There is a 'meh' spot when the airport connector gets to Clinton Rd, but it's short and you'll have a wide shoulder before you cross over the Parkway into airport property. Once at the airport parking lot, follow the bike route signs until you get to the terminal walkway, where you can park and lock your bike.
2019-08-21 10:20:56