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Boundary/Neville St to be closed Jan 11 to March 31

This just in from the Oakland TMA traffic advisory email:
Riazzi Substation project now requires full closure of Boundary Street between Joncaire & Filmore St. from Monday, January 11 through March 31 after unexpected subsurface obstructions were discovered in the roadway which now requires much more extensive excavation work
There's no mention of an MPT in this announcement, but they'll probably have to post a detour.   We can hope it includes bikes and pedestrians. The notice doesn't mention a closure of Joncaire.    So I suppose the detour for Junction Hollow Trail to Oakland, CMU, etc would be Joncaire > Bouquet > Clemente Dr > Schenley Plaza.    Joncaire is a Belgian block (aka cobblestone) street, so that's no fun.   However, there are no structures on the north side of the street, so I suppose it doesn't meet the definition of business district, so the business district prohibition of bikes on sidewalks probably doesn't apply.  Of course, I'm not telling you to ride your bike on the sidewalk, just sayin'
2021-01-07 14:00:24
I often ride up the sidewalk on Joncaire.  There are sometimes pedestrians coming from Pitt to the parking lot, but not often. The stairs from Joncaire up to the Frick building have a bike channel, but it's a long steep haul.
2021-01-07 16:04:49
My preference is the steps. I climb the hill faster and use a different set of muscles to do so.
2021-01-08 11:58:34
If you are heading to or from the Eliza furnace trail, the other options are going through Oakland and down Swinburne Street.  Or coming from the East End go through Greenfield and down Hazlewood ave or a side street to the new Hazlewood trail.
2021-01-08 13:07:29
Fun memory: Hauling a 38-pound HealthyRide bike up the 144 steps of the old configuration, pre-runnel.
2021-01-09 22:09:19