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Careful: cars self-exempt from traffic rules roaming Pittsburgh

Please double check for cross traffic when crossing intersections on a *green light*. I was almost hit by a car in Oakland, at Fifth and Morewood, crossing Fifth. The car along with ~15 others that followed it was casually driving right through the middle of a red light, if I didn't look, just out of habit, despite having the green, I would be in the hospital now. Apparently, these days, if you as a driver get tired of waiting at red lights, just stick a tiny white flag out of your window and problem solved. Where are the authorities when you need them to tell these idiots that unless you are driving an ambulance with lights and siren on YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM TRAFFIC RULES even if you wave a f..k flag.
2016-06-18 11:38:29
Are you talking about a funeral procession?
2016-06-18 11:44:39
Is this satire?
2016-06-18 12:14:52
Dude, relax a bit. Funeral processions are allowed to do that. Be nice.
2016-06-18 15:59:26
2016-06-18 20:10:36
The lead vehicle of a funeral procession must stop at red lights, in PA: "Pennsylvania law allows vehicles in a funeral procession to proceed past a red light or stop sign if the lead vehicle entered the intersection while the light was green or if it made a full stop at the stop sign."
2016-06-18 21:31:30
It's a good habit to check intersections regardless of what the light says. The light bulb isn't smart enough to know people are about to blow the light. You are.
2016-06-20 15:46:30
I don't think the OP is a troll, but funeral processions are unusual enough that one may not realize what's going on until you're in the thick of it. A few weeks ago I posted (I think on Facebook) about being overtaken by a funeral procession while biking on a wide shoulder. They were going almost the same speed as me. We were not in contention with one another, but rather than either stop, or startle every car in the procession, I just matched their speed (on the shoulder) and stayed a few feet ahead of one car. Eventually they all made a left and I went straight.
2016-06-20 16:20:12
God forbid if I die and people drive my lifeless body mass around in a parade of oversized mobility scooters going through redlights burning unnecessary fossil fuels. Burn me up, bike me up a mountain and blow me away.
2016-06-20 22:18:07