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Churchill, Chalfant, Turtle Creek Residents

Share the Road East is working on a mulit-municipal proposal to the county for bicycle and possibly pedestrian improvements to Greensburg Pike. Forest Hills and Wilkins Township have passed supportive measures and we (via Wilkins) will be approaching Churchill, Chalfant, and Turtle Creek shortly. If any residents of these municipalities would like to help out please email me at mboyd50(at) Mike Boyd
2014-10-14 09:25:48
Wow, that would be pretty nice. I always thought Churchill could be a great commute into East Liberty or Oakland. Hope it works out.
2014-10-14 11:07:43
Another Mike Boyd on this board!? What're the odds lol. I actually live in Churchill myself and I can attest personally to how great the ride is to downtown, although I'd love to see an easier way to get down to both the Allegheny and Mon. Greensburg Pike is definitely a great place to get this going, as is something along Wm Penn Highway, Penn Ave, and through Wilkinsburg. I don't have a whole lot of time to spare, but I can help out with stuffing envelopes and things of that nature. Thanks for your work on this initiative!
2014-10-14 14:25:53
Other Mike Boyd send me an email, and (if you want) I'll put you in contact with two Churchill council members and add you to the Share the Road East email list. For this project we probably could use a few residents to show up to council meetings to voice support (your council members could advise about dates/times). I'm on the Wilkins Township board, so also drop me a line with any other potential Wilkins/Churchill collaborative ideas you might have (we've been kicking around some Churchill Road ideas).
2014-10-14 14:46:09