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Close passes on One Wild Place

Since it was repaved and not painted, I have gotten more close passes than ever while climbing up from Butler. It is actually happening on the widest past of that road. It is so wide that there are three "seams" in the road, and I think that the people driving uphill think that they can't cross to the left of the seam on the right. It is quite silly, because no drivers going downhill are over toward the center any more than they should be. I really hope that it gets paint soon with a protected bike lane going uphill (at least in the parts that are wide enough). Also I have a photo of the confusing paint ok ELB at negley, but I don't know how to post a picture.
2016-05-14 22:12:41
I've noticed that with the 3 seams, and I think you are right -- people think of them as a lane. One other thing I noticed on the uphill climb are 2 longitudinal drain gates, just perfect to get my tires stuck in. I think Stu had a post about these in the past, and it is disappointing they didn't change them when they were redoing the street.
2016-05-15 06:24:50
I am sure you guys are right - I drove up that way and was sort of tricked into just that lane thinking you are describing, before remembering how that road actually works. It is amazing how much auto-piloting brains do. Eep!!
2016-05-15 09:38:26
Other issue is now there isn't 4 feet of crap bytge side of the road, so I rode closer to the curb now. Too bad they didn't fix the sidewalk and the missing iron railing.
2016-05-15 10:48:11
The first four feet from the curb should be for the jetsam of gravel, glass, leaves, etc. The next five or so feet, at least, should be bike lane. Then a couple feet of buffer. THEN the uphill car lane. Then the downhill car lane. No bike lane needed on the downhill side, but another four feet for jetsam space before the curb. I don't suspect they're doing that. Someone, please, prove me wrong.
2016-05-15 13:00:22