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Commuting from Plum to East Liberty

I'm moving farther away from work, and considering trying bike commuting at least one day a week. I will be on the north edge of Boyce Park (Saltsburg Rd and New Texas Rd intersection basically). Work is in East Liberty. It will be about a 12 mile ride, but I think I'll enjoy it at least once a week. What would folks suggest as a good way to take? It looks like there is no real hope of being able to take a dedicated bike line or path there, all road. Google Maps has me taking Saltsburg Rd to Frankstown Rd and then riding Frankstown Rd all the way in. Is that what you more knowledgeable folks would suggest?
2014-04-18 10:38:06
I wish @ejwme was still actively on the board. This is out her way more than mine. Elly, are you still around? I once biked into the city from her place, roughly Saltsburg at Verona Rd. She recommended I take Verona to Lincoln Rd, which becomes Lincoln Ave, and drops you right into the back of ELib. It was a holiday evening and traffic was light, but I recall that the trip was quite pleasant, and the climb not particularly difficult. The pavement was rotten, but that was two-maybe-three years ago, so that may have changed for either the better or worse. Nor have I made the reverse trip, though it does look do-able. FWIW, I got out to her place via Allegheny River Blvd, which was more annoying than fun.
2014-04-18 15:19:44