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Crash in schenley park -Monday 11/16/15

Any one hear anything about a possible crash this morning in Schenley park? The road was closed for some sort of accident around 8:30am right near the intersection with Tech St. and the Golf Course road. I was riding by and it looked like there was at least one bike messed up and other bikes in the road hopefully just extending help. I am fairly sure somebody got taken to Presby trauma as I think the same abulance arrived when I got there.
2015-11-16 12:42:13
A handful of different people have shared this facebook post, but I haven't seen anything else. "Another cyclist accident. One of the 5:22 runners reported seeing a bad bicycle accident at the intersection of Schenley Drive and Tech Street (coming down golf course, where it passes CMU). Said it was likely fast driving and sun blindness combined. I don't know the biker's status."
2015-11-16 13:46:00
It was evidently Bailey Deucedly and she is OK. Her main injury was a chin gash that got stitched up, at least according to her facebook.
2015-11-16 16:20:12
"OK" is a relative term.
2015-11-16 19:10:31
Shay got hit second time this year. :(
2015-11-16 23:48:05