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HEY is anyone going to the critical mass this month? Feb that is. I've never been and want to go so if anyone is going let me know how it works.


2009-02-20 03:38:10
As it turns out, Critical Mass in Pittsburgh has come back to life. It's a totally new audience. I did get to one CM in all of 2020, in October, which corresponded with a protest march up at Freedom Corner. (My post about a bad drain grate was on this ride.) Anyway, here is their Twitter: No ride today (Christmas) or in January, but they're planning a February ride. Just be aware, this bears no resemblance to 412 Flock. It's CM, in all its pre-2011 unpleasantness, blocking traffic just for the hell of it, taking up all lanes of traffic, no semblance of adhering to rules, and going out of their way to be jagoffs. While this may be a minority of those present, it's hard to ignore it. Just know it's there, and I don't know whether to play along, ignore them, or join and try to keep the stupid under some control, but being 3x everyone's age doesn't help.
2020-12-25 14:03:13