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Cyclist hit in Friendship @Coral & S. Pacific (9.11.14)

Saw this via Nextdoor... happened sometime before 9:30 this am. "There was another accident at the Bottom Dollar corner this AM, this time with a bicyclist. I did see two ambulances and several police cars immediately respond. " "When I returned home later this morning, two women were putting the bike into a car and it turns out that one of them is the wife of the man who was hit. He is OK-ish, but will likely need surgery for some fractures in his face. " That's all the details so far. Nothing on the PG or any tv news sites.
2014-09-11 14:26:43
That would be me. I'm fine, sore bruised up, etc. I won't get into details right now as I'm not sure how is going to be handled yet. The worst part is I heard they brought someone into the hospital earlier who got hit and then while I was being transferred to Presby word came over the radio in the ambulance someone got hit on Centre. Stay safe out there.
2014-09-11 15:08:52
Awww, Lou, so sorry! And sorry for the other (2?) cyclists involved in crashes. Hope you heal quickly and completely.....
2014-09-11 15:45:05
Woah, sorry to hear man. Heal well.
2014-09-11 18:04:43
Just wanted to add a few things I forgot to mention. First, the police, fire, and ems personnel were all top notch and were there within minutes. Second, wear a damn helmet. I looked at mine today and can see where it is dented and the inner foam cracked absorbing the shock, saving my noggin and quite possibly my life.
2014-09-12 21:25:23
I'm glad you are still with us Lou. And it's a testimony to your hard-cyclist status: he's OKish, with some face fractures. Ouchie! Heal fast.
2014-09-13 07:53:47
Heal well. Get well fast. Sorry to hear about the accident.
2014-09-13 10:13:56