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Cyclists and stop signs

Today, at the traffic circles that were installed on Euclid Ave. in Highland Park, I noticed that the yield signs were replaced with stop signs completely defeating the purpose of the traffic circles. Now, I guess I'll just take Negley Ave. and zip right past all those stop signs. Why was this done? I hope it is temporary and will only remain until the rest of the traffic circles are installed.
2020-10-02 17:48:21
I noticed that as well the other day.  Completely confused by all of it to be honest.  I don't know much about the little roundabout idea there.  I also was wondering if there were more of those around?  Maybe the neighbors there complained?  It isn't like it is very heavily traveled on that road. Here is a typical media article on the roundabouts there.    
2020-10-06 19:05:28
What I think is that Euclid Ave. should be made one-way in opposite directions with contraflow bike lanes so that motor vehicles don't use it as a through street.
2020-10-09 18:28:18
I think St. Clair St. actually has less through traffic than Euclid Ave. Maybe moving the traffic circles to St. Clair St from Rippery St. to Bunkerhill St. would be a better idea as well as starting the neighborway On Rippery St. at Negley Ave. with only the stop signs at Stanton Ave. and East Liberty Blvd. Yellow signs should be installed below these stop signs notifying that cross traffic doesn't stop. Also, crossings and curb-cuts should be installed to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the median of East Liberty Blvd.
2020-10-28 18:26:03
I read that the stop signs are for ADA reasons. Can someone explain this to me? Also with the stop signs, what's the point of having the islands anyway?
2020-11-04 18:00:56