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Dirty Dozen Scouting Rides 2016

they start the first Sunday in October. There are events on Facebook with details.   We are not starting at the golden triangle bike rental this year. Anything to the north of the city starts at bud Harris, and anything south starts at south side riverfront park on south 18th. 8am.
2016-09-11 22:58:22
First-timer question re #2 Ravine/Sharps Hill (Google Map). My presumption has been (and DC's old cue sheet says) that the official route goes up Ravine and *left* on Sharps Hill to the top. But I've seen DD rider GPS tracks that instead turn *right* at the top of Ravine, going east on Midway, west on Linwood, north on Kirkwood, then cutting through the park to Sharps Hill. Which is the official route? Thankee mudge! PS: Logan & Suffolk are not my friends.
2016-09-15 18:17:00