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Dutch Cyclists Trying to Kick Mopeds out of Cycle Paths

Dutch cyclists in Amsterdam are trying to kick mopeds out of cycle paths. Mopeds are becoming very popular in Amsterdam and their exhaust and relatively higher speed are making many cyclists very uncomfortable. A moped is defined as gas-powered two-wheel vehicle that goes below 25 km/hr (15 mi/hr). In the Netherlands, if a moped can go above 25 km/hr (15 mi/hr), it is defined as a motorcycle/scooter and must be ridden in the motor vehicle lanes. I have a mixed feeling about this because I came from Taiwan, a country where mopeds/scooters are the primary mode of transportation. Mopeds/scooters also have small profiles similar to bicycles, and many collisions were caused by 4-wheelers failing to notice them. On the other hand, I feel that any motor vehicles contribute to air and noise pollutions and their usage must be discouraged. On the side note, one can learn from the protesting Dutch cyclists - if you want or keep something, you have to fight hard for it!
2017-09-27 17:53:57
I've seen a few on the paths here.  To me they look like bicycles with gas engines.  They are very stinky-- they don't need to meet any emissions regulations.  And the ones I've seen seem to be going faster than 15 mph.
2017-09-28 06:11:45
Personally, my thought is that if it runs on gas and / or has a throttle, it shouldn't be able to use bike infrastructure. The dutch do seem to be railing against small motor scooters, which look like they really don't belong on cycle paths. I'm on the fence about pedal-assist models depending on usage. I'm kind of cool with them on commuter infrastructure if it allows more access, but pretty much never on mountain bike trails for reasons of retaining access, safety for users and bystanders due to excess speed vs ability, and safety for users who may get stuck in the woods when batteries die or bike mechanical issues (I've carried/pushed a 40lb fat bike out of the woods before, a heavier bike would be less fun).
2017-09-28 09:28:03