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Exploding tires

I recently changed out my tube after a flat and my tire exploded with a deafening pop. Understand that this can happen because the tube gets pinched between the tire bead and wheel I replaced the tube again making sure that the tube was properly tucked in. Again the tire exploded and now I am very confused (and my ears hurt). Does anyone have any ideas if this could be caused by something other than poor installation? Here's some more information that may be relevant. The tire initially went flat after sitting overnight which was a bit strange. Both times the tube exploded it did so after being pumped up for 5-10min. The first time I pumped the pressure up to 115psi and the second time I pumped up the tire to only 95psi (after stepping up the pressure to 80 first and letting it sit for 15min to see if it would hold pressure). The tire size is 700 x 23. I also observed that when the tire was partially pumped (60psi) that an area near where exploded both times was under significantly less tension as compared to the rest of the tire. This still could be a case of poor user error but I can't help but be suspicious after going through two tubes and checking carefully that the tube wasn't pinched and the tire wasn't bulging both times. Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated!
2020-07-31 15:52:55
I've had blowouts after changing a tube if I didn't seat the tire in the rim properly before inflating. To avoid that, I suggest:
  • Check carefully before inflating that tire is seated consistently all the way around, on both sides.
  • Inflate halfway and do this check again. If you see a bulge developing in the sidewall, back up!
  • Only then inflate all the way.
If the tube herniates out of a gap between the rim and the tire, it will bulge way out and burst as the tire is inflated. Similarly if you have tires with holes in them! If you get a blowout but you don't understand what caused it, sometimes you can figure it out by closely examining where on the tube the blowout occurred (outside-toward road? side-toward gap tire/rim junction? inside-toward rim?)
2020-08-02 23:19:53
Thorn in the tire?
2020-08-03 12:45:14