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Fading bike markings in bike lanes; mistaken for parking lanes

I called one such in to 311 on friday. I watched a nice lady in car with out-of-state plates pull over into the bike lane on Forbes between S. Dallas and S Braddock, apparently intending to go for a ramble. It's a very generous bike lane, almost large enough to be a parking lane, and the markings are similar to what's used, in some places, to denote a shoulder / car parking. So I can't blame her. In fact, it was unsafe for her, as well as for cyclists. There's barely a trace of bike marking remaining (about 1/3 of a bike, very faded, shortly before the intersection of Forbes and Braddock).  Some signs on posts would be ideal (they don't fade, and they're not slippy) but in the interim, keeping the bike lanes marked as bike lanes (and getting the fallen tree limbs out of them) seems the best "ask." Anyone else notice a stretch that's faded into anonymity particularly badly?  
2016-09-17 21:49:23
I moved a fallen tree branch and some car parts out of the eastbound Forbes bike lane today, halfway between Dallas and Braddock. (It appears that a car had a bad crash into a tree there recently, based on the scrape marks, damaged tree trunk, and scattered car parts.)
2016-09-17 22:39:44
Faded bike lane markings should be submitted to 311 from what I understand. You can submit online: You can attach photos if you prefer.
2016-09-19 12:05:04