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Fat Bike Snow Trail in Michigan

Yes, this should be in the "out of state news" thread. But, it was too interesting to bury there..... This is cool. ISHPEMING & NEGAUNEE (MI) SNOW BIKE TRAILS OPEN -> According to a Jan. 5th The Mining Journal article, "The Range Mountain Bike Club's Snow Bike Trail in Ishpeming and Negaunee is now open for 'fat tire' bicycle riders, as well as snowshoers and cross-country skiers, willing to brave the elements. This winter is the first the 5.5-mile trail - 6.2 miles if you opt for an extra jog between New York Street in Ishpeming and Malton Road - is open, and along with Marquette's Snow Bike Route is one of few of its kind. 'We're probably the only two actual snow bike trails in the nation right now,' said Dan Hill, president of the Range Mountain Bike Club. 'To make it official, it's signed and it's mapped now, so it's a legitimate trail...'" Source: Title & Author: "Range's Snow Bike Trail Ready for Riders" by Zach Jay
2014-01-15 16:08:12
Wow! For 4 years when I was kid (from 8 to 12) I lived in Ishpeming, so I know this turf! I'm surprised that Swalfoort found the story before me - every few days I type "Ishpeming" into google news. Ishpeming is about 15 miles from Lake Superior and about 800 feet higher. Lake effect from hell, leading to over 200 inches of snow per year. (Some places on the net estimate it at 300 inches). Ten or fifteen Snowmageddons worth. Every winter had a few storms of that level. There are clearly plenty of places in the lower 48 states that get more snow than this - but it is ambiguous as to whether there are towns in any of those places. To put it into perspective: my best friend broke his arm skiing early in May one year. (Usually the good skiing kinda peters out in mid-April). Winter temps vary between "snot freezes in your nose" and "spit freezes and cracks before it hits the ground." The town is home to a ski jump with the evocative name of "Suicide." Road trip anyone?
2014-01-15 17:09:55
@Mick, you should have found it first if you google Ishpeming regularly. The story came to me in an email news blast, so I take no credit for finding it. It found me! I had forgotten about the ski jump there. Thanks for that reminder.
2014-01-15 19:25:04